You know it better than anyone: making a film of less than 4 minutes requires a lot of talent and creativity. That's why the Très Court has been honoring them for more than twenty years with its International Festival, which takes place simultaneously in June in about fifty places on the five continents. The screenings take place exclusively on the big screen, in theatres or outdoors, for an audience as faithful as it is fervent.

The Très Courts are divided into six selections, two of which are in Competition: International Competition, Women's Words Competition, French Selection, Family Selection, Documentary Selection, and the Laugh (before the end of the world) Selection.

Whether you are a novice or a professional, classic or avant-garde, as long as your film does not exceed 4 minutes, do not hesitate to try your luck, especially since the registration of your film(s) is free. All genres are accepted: fiction, documentary, animation, CGI, drama, comedy, documentary and even gore or horror films.

The films in competition are viewed by a jury of professionals chaired by a film personality (Keyvan Khojandi, Audrey Dana, Michel Hazanavicius, Aure Atika, Eric Judor, etc.)

The Jury awards :
- the "Grand Prix" of 1500€
- the Prize for Originality of 500€
- the Animation Prize of 500€
- a Prize of 500€ is also awarded by the votes of the Public
The members of the Jury may also award one or two Special Mentions to encourage the author.

A specific Jury composed of personalities committed to fight against discrimination against women awards the Women's Rights Prize endowed with 1000€.

article 1 - dates and venues
The Très Court International Film Festival is organized by Tout en Très Court (hereafter referred to as "the Festival").
The Twenty-Fifth edition of the Très Court International Film Festival will take place from Friday, June 2 to Sunday, June 11, 2023, in Tours (France) as well as in all the screening venues associated with the event.
Should any unforeseen problem occur, the Festival reserves the right to cancel or modify the dates and venues of the event.

article 2 - conditions for registration
Registration on the Festival's website is free of charge.
Films submitted for preselection must not exceed 4 minutes and must contain a title and credits.
The deadline for registration is Sunday, February 19, 2023 at 11:59 PM.
The directors have to send their completed, dated and signed registration form, either printed by postal mail to: Très Court International Film Festival - 33bis rue Terre Neuve - 75020 Paris - France
or scanned by email at:
They have to provide a preview link (Vimeo, YouTube...)
One director may register several Très Courts by completing a separate form for each film.
If their film is selected, the directors will have to upload their film in HD on the festival's WeTransfer platform within ten days of the selection announcement. If the deadline is not met, the previously selected film may be withdrawn from the program.

article 3 - selection
The selection committee of the festival views the works of the candidates and selects those who will participate in the International Competition, the Women's Words Competition and other thematic selections.
The list of selected films will be available on the Festival's website by mid-April 2023, the precise date will be announced on the festival's website and social networks.
The directors of the selected films will be contacted and, if the quality of the copy of their film is not satisfactory, they will be asked to return a new copy of better quality within ten days. If the quality of the copy proves to be too poor, a previously selected film may be withdrawn from the program.

article 4 - rights
Participants cede to the Festival, without compensation, the right to broadcast the films selected for public screenings of the Festival, the jury screenings and the press screenings.
They also cede the right to reproduce images or 30-second excerpts of these films for broadcast in the press, on TV channels, and on the Internet.

article 5 - internet
Participants authorize, if they wish, the diffusion of their film on the web spaces of the Très Court International Film Festival by ticking the box provided for this purpose on the registration form.
This authorization is optional and does not affect the opportunity to be selected.

article 6 - screenings outside the Festival dates
Participants authorize, if they wish, the presentation of their film at public screenings outside the festival dates.
This authorization is optional and does not affect the opportunity to be selected.

article 7 - screenings in the theaters of the Instant Très Court network
The selected films will be shown in the network of theaters in France registered to the "Instant Très Court" program. Within this framework, the films are presented to the public in preview during one week.

article 8 - Très Court film market
The registered films may be included in a catalogue of Très Courts for professionals and may be viewed on demand by accredited persons.
The contact details of the directors and producers will be made available to any interested professionals.

article 9 - jury and awards
The jury of the International Competition will give the following prizes: Grand Prix, Animation Award, and Originality Award.
The Public Award will be announced on the Festival's website after all public votes have been counted.
The jury of Women's Words Competition will give the Women's Rights Award.
The number, nature and amount of prizes are detailed on the Festival website and may be subject to change until the selected films are announced. The prizes for the winning films include a purchase of broadcasting rights for one year, which you may decline. In this case, these rights will be deducted from the prize money.

Overall Rating
  • I had such an incredible time at this festival. Everyone was so welcoming, the venue was stunning and the programming was impeccable.

    December 2017
  • What a fun and great surprise of a film festival! I had the best time attending. The divided series are really fun and entertaining and combine short films from all over the world. The staff couldn't have been any nicer. Such a great group of people and very well organized. It was a pleasure to show my film in Paris. So much fun!

    June 2016
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much Taylor for attending the festival! We are so happy you had a great time. Looking forward to see your next very short film!

  • Hi
    I am very happy for submitted my film to your festival
    good luck

    June 2016
    Response from festival:

    It has been our pleasure to screen "Jump in love". We wish we can have you at the festival next year: let's keep in touch!

  • Tomohiko Iwasaki

    It was fantastic! I enjoyed very much!

    June 2016
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Tomohiko! It was a real pleasure to welcome you and chat with the audience about your film. See you!