I’ve been making films since I was 6 years-old: starting out in Film-Editing, I taught myself how to digitally edit, as I organically cultivated my understanding of film as an audiovisual art-form. Throughout the years, my artistic identity as a young filmmaker has naturally moulded towards an increasingly experimental filmmaking philosophy. I’ve grown to recognise film as a near-boundless art-form, and have strove to unravel the formalistic boundaries of the medium through diverse experimentation with pure film-form as a means of artistic expression. What we express through film must come from within, it must remain true to the very fibres that make up our being. I am abundantly inspired by my own experiences, allowing their emotional impressions to dissolve into the stylistic identity of my films, as I hope to truthfully express my own perceptions of my subjective reality through this art-form.
Bournemouth Film School
Film Production (BA)
Birth Date
April 15, 2002
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