Tipsy Hiccup Productions LLC celebrates the screenwriter and the countless hours spent spinning tales by offering this Screenplay Competition and Black Tie Awards Gala.

1.) Each winning entry will receive a personalized crystal award.
2.) Winning entries that match our brand may be offered an option and/or shopping agreement for inclusion in our production slate to go to investors.
3.) Various gifts will be awarded to contestants as received by corporate sponsors.
4.) Cash prizes depend on the number of entries and on the corporate sponsorship received and are at the discretion of the Competition Director. Any cash prizes offered to winners MUST be received in attendance at the Awards Gala, or the prize will be forfeit to Gala expenses. Crystal Awards will be shipped via U.S.P.S. to the address named in the entry documentation after the Awards Gala.

1.) No submission will be considered for competition without a signed (virtually signed) release.
2.) All work must be copyrighted prior to submission and include the copyright number on the title page.
3.) Submissions longer than 110 pages will be disqualified.
4.) All submission drafts must be free from personally identifying information. Any personally identifying information on the .PDF file for judging will be disqualified.
5.) Title pages for submission in this contest shall include the following information ONLY:
Copyright #:
6.) Submissions by collaborative teams require release by both parties, and/or a copy of dually signed collaborative agreements.
7.) All submissions must be unencumbered by obligation, agreement or contract and must be available for consideration to contract with Tipsy Hiccup Productions, LLC for option and/ or shopping agreements.
8.) All submissions will be measured against specific criteria established for the judges by the Tipsy Hiccup Productions LLC brand and with regard to quality of writing. All judging is subjective and decisions by the judges are final.
9.) Tipsy Hiccup Productions LLC and its owner and employees reserve the right to absolute refusal of service to anyone and to any person for any reason whatsoever without explanation. In such cases, submission fees will be refunded.
10.) Awards will be presented formally at Tipsy Hiccup Productions LLC’s Screenplay Competition Black Tie Awards Gala on Saturday, September 21st, 2024, at Lone Tree Golf Club & Hotel, Lone Tree, Colorado, USA, or at another venue to be determined. In the event the winner is not present, the physical award will be shipped via USPS and any cash award(s) will be forfeit to Gala Expenses by the winner not in attendance.
11.) Any cash awards will be determined by the Competition Director and based on the number of submissions received.
12.) Any script deemed not ready for production may be disqualified.
13.) Any submission based on the life of a living individual must have a signed contract for life rights or it may be disqualified.
14.) For any submission to this competition, its writer(s) grant(s) permission to any or all of the judges to champion the work on behalf of the writer for consideration to Tipsy Hiccup Productions LLC as a contender for inclusion in its production slate. The writer agrees that if the judge should champion the work for this purpose, the judge must complete a formal review summary via Tipsy Hiccup Productions LLC’s proposal template. No contestant shall have access to this proprietary proposal template, and only those templated proposals completed by an official judge will be considered for inclusion in Tipsy Hiccup Productions LLC Content Production Slate 2025.
15.) In the event that Tipsy Hiccup Productions LLC wishes to contract/ option or secure a shopping agreement with the writer, (s)he/ they shall be notified by the Competition Director on or after August 15st, 2024.