This grant intends to support one of the first three projects of one emerging female filmmaker in a key position: director, producer, writer, editor or cinematographer. For the project to qualify, it must fulfill the 'Then She Said' Mandate where three of five of the following roles must be held by a female; director, producer, writer, editor, cinematographer. Project will be selected by a two-stage juried process of experienced filmmakers.

Open to any Canadian citizen or resident, of any age, who identifies as female.

Projects must be maximum 15 minutes in length including credits. Both short films and single episodes of digital series are eligible, though previous episodes of digital series must already have been produced. A pilot of a series is ineligible.

Funds are intended for post & finishing ONLY but project may be at any stage upon submission.

For the submission to be considered, please upload to the FILES & ATTACHMENTS section of your FilmFreeway project page the following deliverables that are applicable:

1. Budget top sheet for entirety of project
2. Budget for how you plan to allocate the 'Then She Said- Pay It Forward Grant'
3. Logline & Synopsis
4. Most recent script
5. Link to current cut (if applicable)
6. CVs and Filmography for all keys (especially the 5 key positions)
7. Show us what you got! We'll accept one page of additional material. Plan to turn this into a feature? Have a personal connection to the story?
8. Proof of Ownership and/or Written Consent from Producer to apply if applicant is not the producer
9. Writer agreement (s)
10. Proof of Canadian Citizenship/Residency
11. Music Cue Sheets and Licenses (with proof of payment) for all music featured in your film (if applicable)
12. Any/all licenses for clips, stills, and/or artwork featured in your film (with proof of payment) that are not your original work (if applicable)
13. Cast agreement (s) (if applicable)
14. Director agreement (s)
15. Producer agreement (s)
16. DP/camera operator agreement(s)
17. Location agreement(s)

$3000 CAD towards your short film or digital project.

$1500 CAD towards FINISHING your short film project or a single episode of your digital series.


$1500 CAD worth of in-kind services in post production from Eggplant Picture & Sound

Funds may be put towards but not limited to; picture editing, music composition, colour, post sound, VFX, Titles, music licensing, poster etc.

*Applicants must not have held the same key position in three or more works as the position they are holding on the project submitted (ie. if you've written 10+ short films, you are ineligible to apply as a writer, however, you are eligible to apply as a director)
*No music videos
*One application per project
*One project per applicant
*No advertisements or brand partnerships
*The project's submitted written materials must be in English or French however, the project can be in any language but must include English subtitles
*Short films or a single episodes of a digital series of less than 15 minutes total in length including credits are eligible
*Digital Series must have previously completed episodes
* Submission cannot be for a 'teaser,' 'proof of concept' for another project
*Producer must own 100% of the rights to the project and either be the applicant or provide written consent for the applicant in order to be eligible to apply
*Funds must be used for post production only and will be released once a locked cut is provided however project can be at ANY stage upon submission of the application
*Grant recipient will share the selected project on The She Said’s channel as part of its digital release on an exclusive basis for 6 months before remaining on the channel on a non-exclusive basis