THE SHORTS NETWORK features short films from film festivals that are accredited by the Academy Awards® BAFTA, Canadian Screen Awards, and Goya Awards.

Our featured film festival is the LA Shorts International Film Festival, with 60 Oscar® nominations, it ranks among the world's most prestigious and largest short film festivals.

We set the standard for short film excellence. It's where the film industry comes to discover up-and-coming filmmakers.

Premiere status is NOT required but, we give preference to films that premiere online with us. Filmmakers who premiere their film online with us are invited to attend the 2022 LA Shorts International Film Festival. These filmmakers will be given a festival film pass granting them access to all film screenings.

If your film performs well online, attending the festival is a great opportunity to network and parley your success into your next project.

Note we program films separately for our film festival. For your film to be considered for our film festival requires a separate entry with fee. Your acceptance on THE SHORTS NETWORK YouTube Channel has no bearing on being selected for our film festivals.

Films must be UNDER 41 minutes.

We add a watermark on a short fade in/out of our logo "The Shorts Network" at the beginning/end of every film.

If you plan to release your film on other YouTube channels, we ask that you allow us to be the first/original uploader. Allowing us to be the first/original uploader ensures your release reaches as many viewers as possible. If you have the film on a personal channel, you can delete then re-upload it after we release it.