The premiere film festival in Altadena. From explorative art films and comedy videos, to documentaries and narrative features--TOAFF is a groundbreaking festival where true art can shine. We don't care where you're from or how many credits you have. We just care if your work is good and we want to screen and share it!

TOAFF is a monthly festival on the fourth Friday of each month at Public Displays of Altadena theater in Altadena, California, just east of Downtown LA.

Your film must have been made within the last five years of submission date.
Our festival runs once a month in Altadena. Filmmakers may submit each month. We accept shorts and features, however, our monthly programming is a 2 hour block; meaning, if we select one feature which is 90 minutes, there will be 30 minutes left for short films, etc.
This keeps it fresh, and exciting, and helps incredible artists intermingle and exchange work.