Show us how you are creating a KINDER, MORE COMPASSIONATE world through the power of film! Submit your 5 MINUTE (OR LESS) JLYF inspired film today. There is no restriction to how many team members you may have or how many different submissions you make. Pick a topic you are passionate about and create a film. The film must follow the JLY mission of creating kindness and compassion.

Just Like You Films (JLYF) is a a Mid American Emmy award winning women-run nonprofit film production company.

Founded in 2009, JLYF has created 12 documentaries and is currently producing its first feature-length docu-drama and Virtual Reality short. Subjects include burn injuries, cancer, Down syndrome, autism, cleft lip and palate, port wine stain birthmarks, facial paralysis, lymphangioma, type 1 diabetes, anxiety disorders, depression, and food allergies. For reference on what a Just Like you Film is, watch

JLYF features real kids, parents, physicians, and award-winning public figures who care deeply about creating a kinder world through the power of film.

By submitting a piece in our film competition, you are joining us in our mission to create a kinder, more compassionate world through the power of film.

Those selected will potentially be teased at The 2024 Power of Film Event on MARCH 2nd at the Midland Theater in Kansas City, MO! We will hold an in person festival showcasing our 6 award winning films at The Kansas City Museum in June 20 of 2024.

The films will be judged by a national jury composed of experienced and accomplished filmmakers.

All films selected and award winners will receive laurels.

Winners will receive a JIFF Award certificate (emailed) and their work will be featured on Just Like You Films website and social media platforms.

1) There is a $5 entrance fee that goes to helping create a kinder world for those living with special circumstances..
2) A separate form should be filled out for each submission, if you are submitting more than one film.
3) The duration of the film should be 5 minutes (or less). Anything over 5 minutes will be disqualified and not even viewed.
4) All content should be original.
5) The film should be subtitled in English.
6) The film should not have any credits or watermark.
7) Just Like You Films will not bear any expenses for participants, including mailing out of certificates. We will plan to email you a certificate if you win or are selected.
8) Just Like You Films has rights to screen these films on any collaborating media.
9) Only the approved films will be part of Just Like You Films and will be uploaded on official website and social media outlets.
10) No music videos will be allowed. They will be disqualified.
11) Films with a poetry element will be allowed.
12) Dialogue is not mandatory.
13) You must pick a category for your work (Documentary, Drama, Animation, Student Documentary, Student Drama, Student Animation). If your work fits multiple categories, enter it in all appropriate.
14) 4 from each adult category (12 total) and 3 from each student category (9 total) will be selected and sent to our national judging panel to decide the award winner.
15) Only award winning films will be shown at the in person film festival.

Film criteria judges will be thinking about:
1). After the film I learned something I didn’t know about the unique circumstance.
2). The film gave me insight into what it is like to live life with a unique circumstance.
3). The film gave me tools to be kinder to those living with a unique circumstance.
4). If people see this film, it will have a positive impact on those living with a unique circumstance.