This special contest is associated with the Magic of Horror festival, which has been showcasing genre films and screenwriters since 2016.

The Magic of Horror festival strives to celebrate everything that puts the “magic” into the genre. While primarily a film festival, the fine arts play a very important role in film-making... from creating eye-catching posters to designing unique creature concepts!

In addition to our annual movie poster contest, this year we are featuring an art exhibit and contest in order to introduce horror fans and filmmakers to new artists in the realm of all things gruesome and macabre.

Submissions may be drawings, paintings, digital art, photographs of three-dimensional sculptures, and model or still life photography.

All submissions must be the creations of the submitting artist. For most categories, the subject must be completely original. However, subjects such as portraits of famous horror characters may only be submitted in the “Horror Fan Art” category.

Selected pieces will be shown on-screen at the festival in Virginia as well as in our online Awards Show video presentation and in our social media. The artist’s name and website, shop, or contact information may also be advertised (if desired by the artist.)

The Magic of Horror is known for continuing to promote selected filmmakers and writers for years after the festival event on its website and social media. We see no reason not to extend that courtesy to our selected artists as well!

All qualifying submissions receive the initial scorecard and any notes given by the judges regardless of if the project is selected for the festival or not.


Selected artwork will be shown on-screen at the 2024 Magic of Horror festival and will be offered two complimentary tickets to the event that takes place in Wakefield, Virginia. Attending artists will also have an opportunity to talk to the audience about their work.
Official selections will also be featured in the Awards Video and in promotional videos and photo images shown online.
Official Selections will also receive digital laurels.

All of the winners of the jury awards receive one of our “Golden Bones” trophies during the 2024 Awards Ceremony. Winners who are unable to attend the live event will have their trophies mailed to them free of charge. (And of course, all Winners will receive digital laurels too.)

Jury Award Categories:

Blood, Guts, & Gore Art
Dark, Creepy, & Gothic Art
Horror Fan Art
Monster & Creature Design Art
Whimsical & Humorous Horror Art

Art awards are given out at the discretion of the jury and some categories may be omitted or added to this list depending on number of entries.

Selected images must be at least 3000px in width and length. Smaller versions may be used for submission purposes, but you will be asked to provide a larger version if selected to be shown at the festival.
All submissions will receive the initial scorecards and any corresponding notes from the jury once the judging period has concluded. These are sent electronically, so please make sure that your email address on FilmFreeway is correct.
1. Absolutely no pornography. (Nudity is okay.)
2. Absolutely no hate speech or imagery.
3. All entries must be original works by the submitting artist. The person submitting a project to this festival affirms that he/she has all the copyrights, model releases, and/or other legal rights pertaining to the image / photographed work and he / she remains responsible before the law.
4. Please make sure that you have entered your submission in the appropriate category. Projects are judged in accordance to the category they have been submitted to. For example, a drawing of Jason Vorhees submitted to the Blood & Gore Art category instead of Horror Fan Art is not likely to do well with the judges who are looking for originality.
5. In the spirit of fairness to all, we DO NOT offer student discounts or hardship waivers for the submission fees. We have a compensated jury to ensure that every submission is looked at carefully and provided feedback.

6. Submission fees must be in U.S. dollars. These fees are non-refundable, even in the case of disqualification or withdrawal of an entry. There are no exceptions to this policy.
Submissions that do not follow the rules will be disqualified, so please ask any questions before submitting.

7. Multiple submissions are accepted, but each must be submitted with a separate fee. There are no discounts for multiple submissions. If you send multiple projects on one submission, only the first of the series will be considered.

8. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any claim made by you or any third party due to or arising out of project(s) you submit to this contest. You understand that there are thousands of other artists and the similarities in style, characters, design, etc... of two or more submissions are certainly a possibility.

9. In the event that there are less than five submissions into any one category, a submission may be moved into another category at the discretion of the festival directors.

10. By submitting your work to the Magic of Horror, you consent to receiving notices, newsletters, announcements, and advertisements from the Magic of Horror festival and its parent company (Rogue Chimera Films, LLC).


1. All Official Selections understand and accept that if their submission is accepted for presentation and/or screening in the festival, they grant full and unrestricted permission for Rogue Chimera Films LLC / Magic of Horror (MOH). to screen or show their entry project at times of the festival’s choice and understand that the festival will charge an admission fee for the general public at any live events.

2. The Submitter understands and accepts that they do not participate in receiving any funds from the ticket sales to the festival or any other revenue, which are fully retained by the event organizers to help cover the overall cost of the festival presentation.

3. The MOH festival will have a table for business cards and flyers of participating artists. Official Selections will be asked to send any promotional materials to the festival by August 30, 2024.

4. Official Selections will be offered two free passes to the festival.

5. If attending the live event, all attendees agree to follow any house rules set down by the venue that a MOH event is being held.

6. Winners will be announced both at the awards ceremony at the end of the festival and on the Awards Video online. (And on our website and social media a day or so later.) Award-winners who are unable to attend the live festival will have their trophies mailed to them free of charge.

7. All Official Selections consent to allowing MOH to use photos and images of their project for both promotional purposes and for the Awards Video that will be shown online to the general public. The Official Selection grants MOH the right to use any and all promotional materials in any manner they see fit for publicity purposes related to the festival and to promote the Artist. MOH may revisit selected projects from time to time on social media to continue promoting them for years past the date of the event.

8. Official selections will be shown online in video and still image formats. The Submitter releases MOH and its organizers from any and all liability whatsoever for theft, copyright violations, or piracy of the entry.

9. The Submitter accepts and understands that the festival, in conjunction with the hosting venue, will do everything it can to present the still images in the best possible manner but the festival is not responsible for any and all malfunctions or technical difficulties during the presentation of any photograph at its festival screening.

10. The Magic of Horror festival reserves the right to make changes in the event schedule date and times and to possibly not show a project regardless of its Official Selection status.

Overall Rating
  • Ever since we submitted, Magic of Horror has truly been a *magical* experience for us. It was one of our first-ever submissions, so to have our film selected into MoH was huge… but for the team to then bestow us with awards for Best Feature, Best Directing, and Best Editing is…. absolutely unreal. We were deeply saddened that we couldn’t be there in-person to see our film in such a cool venue. A huge thank you to Lowrie, Shiva, and the whole staff at MoH. Great communication throughout our entire experience. Highly recommend it to any indie horror filmmakers out there. Five stars.

    November 2021