The Laurel Channel is a streaming platform dedicated to presenting films that have won awards at vetted film festivals from around the world. Film Festivals, Filmmakers, and Actors will be able to showcase their events and work on a unique channel that allows the viewers to discover more information about the productions and artists with access to behind the scenes footage, interviews, reviews and links to filmmaker and actor show reels.

Film Festivals will be able to connect with filmmakers and film lovers who want to make the most of the Festival Experience. Interviews with Festival Directors, Programmers and Award-Winning Filmmakers will offer insights on how festivals are managed; how films are chosen; and what a filmmaker should do once her or his film is selected.

Visitors will also gather valuable information from producers, writers, directors, and on the filmmaking process. Interviews from Distributors and Sales Representatives will also offer valuable information to producers who what their film screened in theaters and on leading streaming platforms.