The King Review Festival Is a Free Online Review Film Festival in which the all submitted films are get checked by our juries and selected films will be get reviewed then post the video reviews in to our YouTube video channel as well as the Facebook page.An IMDb credit and review also added to the IMDb page.

Top 10 winners will be announced after the end of the season.Also the most viewed video review will be announced as AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD.Also a SPECIAL MENTION AWARD will be awarded to one.

1)All the selected film will get an official selection laurel
2)Top 10 Winners will get a digital certificate and winner laurel
3)Top viewed review video will get AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD.(Digital Certificate + Laurel)
4)Special Mention Category Award will be there for some films.

1)All selected films must provide the promotion materials like poster,trailer or teaser,Cast & Crew details etc.
2)The decision of the jury is final.
3)Fake views can't be taken in to account in the case of AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD
4)The IMDB Credit will provide to the films which already have a IMDB Page.
5)Any problems with our review about your film please inform us through email

Overall Rating
  • Gabriel Angulo

    Great Festival! Thanks for the Opportunity!

    September 2020