'Celebrating diversity in film'

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The International Short Film Festival an up and coming Film Festival that actively strives to bring a wonderful variety of films to its audience.

Aiming to be one of the leading short film festivals in the United Kingdom, every year at the end of October the festival is all about International Short Films.

The International Short Film Festival encourages fantasies, to create tension, to create an international desire for short films.

Screening in the heart of london, SFF welcomes films of all genres and types from all over the World. Encouraging and connecting filmmakers.

Our Mission

To Discover, Support and display ground-breaking and original work by Artists from all over the world.

Best Long Short Film (1 hour and under)
Best Medium Short Film (45 minutes and under)
Best Short Film (30 minutes and under)

Best Film United Kingdom
Best Film Europe
Best Film The Americas
Best Film Asia
Best Film London

Best Performance by Lead role (Male)
Best Performance by Lead role (Female)

Best Screenplay International Award

Custom Trophies
Custom Certificates

1. All films that have made the Official Selection will be notified 6-8 weeks prior to the festival.
2. All films submitted are eligible for nomination of their submitted categories.
3. All foreign submissions MUST be subtitled in English.
4. All winners will receive Winner Laurels, Custom Certificates, Custom Trophies and Cash Prizes.
5. All films must have been made in or after 2015
6. The Entry is non-refundable
7. ISSF only accept online submissions via FilmFreeway or a Vimeo Via FilmFreeway downloadable link to your film.
8. All Students MUST provide proof of student status within a 3 days of submitting their film. No proof in student status will result in disqualification.

Overall Rating
  • Yemi Akinpelumi

    Amazing event. Very welcoming and hospitable.

    March 2019
  • So pleased to have had 2 films ("Juggler" (2016) and "Box Office Smash" (2018) ) selected and then nominated in the Best Short Film, Best Short Documentary and Best Director categories! We attended and really enjoyed the event. A brilliant venue in 'Whirled Cinema' with the occasional heartbeat-sound of trains overhead only adding to the atmosphere! Only feedback about the day would be that the venue staff could have been asked to not clear bottles and glasses during some films as it was pretty distracting. The communication from the team was not great unfortunately - I think it would have helped if their website had been updated some time in the last 2 months up to the event. The team were very hospitable on the day though and were kind about the featured films and filmmakers. All nominations received a lovely certificate which was nice to take home despite losing out the very worthy winners. Strong selection of films and a promising London festival with their heart in the right place.

    November 2018
  • Emily Haigh

    Communication throughout was great. I sadly couldn't attend, but my co-producer attended and really enjoyed the festival and the wide selection of films shown. We were thrilled to win Best UK Short Film!

    November 2018
  • Howard Wimshurst

    Great venue! Very well organised with lovely hosts, showed a diverse range of films that were all interesting. Made new friends there. Thank you!

    November 2018
  • Russell Emanuel

    Great festival, thank you so much for having us there!

    November 2018