Welcome to the First Hermetic International Film Festival!
- with Live Screening in beautiful Venice, Italy -

We want to celebrate the visions: cinematography and Hermetica are both terrific imaginatively visionary cultures.

The 4th edition of the First Hermetic International Film Festival is now accepting your Feature film / Short movie / Documentary / Animation film / Experimental film / Music Video / Web project in the field of: Hermeticism / Alchemy / Esotericism / Cabala / Gnosticism / Magic / Occultism and occult philosophies / Rosicrucianism / Witchcraft / New Age / Theosophy / Anthroposophy / Freemasonry / Metaphysics / Spiritism / Mystery / Supernatural / Astrology / Science and Healing / Cults / Divination and any other occulture.

Contemporary esotericism is intimately, and increasingly, connected with popular culture and new media: for this reason, we want to support such a visual fascination, the storylines revolving around neglected knowledge and the frantic search for the divine upon hidden paths of spirituality.

We are looking forward to seeing your film. Submit your work today!

Best regards,
the FHIFF team

AWARDS: Official selected films will be screened at the film festival in front of an international audience and can participate in the contest among the following IMDb listed categories:

Best Picture - Mercure Award
Best Feature Film - Caduceus Award
Best Short Film - Sulphur Award
Best Feature Documentary - Paracelsus Award
Best Documentary (Short) - Pelican Award
Best Foreign Documentary - Rosenkreuz Award
Best Animation Film - Apuleio Award
Best Web Serie - Black Lion Award
Best Experimental Film - Vitriol Award
Best Music Video - Kenneth Award
Best Director - Agrippa Award
Best Editing - Ficino Award
Best Cinematography - Fludd Award
Best Music - Atalanta Award
Best Storytelling - Cagliostro Award
Best Topic - Jodorowsky Award
Best Research - Eco Award
Best Sound Design - Theremin Award
Best Performance - Sabbath Award
Best Protagonist - Wormwood Star Award
Best Production Design - Ritual Room Award

1) By submitting your film to the festival you confirm that you own the full rights of your film and have the permission to submit it.

2) Submissions are only accepted via FilmFreeway. Entry fees are not refundable. Please do not send any DVDs. Online Screener is necessary.

3) Films that show extreme violence, hurt current or foreign laws, containing pornographic or disgusting content are not accepted.

4) We accept films in any language from all countries over the world. Non-English spoken films must be subtitled in English, except Italian spoken ones, that do not need any necessarily.

5) After submitting your film you will receive notifications about the judging status.

6) The decision of the jury is final.

7) If you do not want us to promote your film on our website and other channels in order to keep your premiere status please let us know.

8) By submitting your film you agree that we can use the submitted trailer, photos and description of your film on our website. We will never show or screen your film without your permission.

9) Award Winners can use our laurel for their marketing and promotion but are not allowed to sell or use the laurel for films that have not been part of the festival.

10) The jury has the right to nominate your submitted film for a different category as the one for it had been submitted.

11) By submitting your project you agree to this Rules & Terms and our Privacy Policy: www.hermeticfilmfestival.com/privacy

Overall Rating
  • Hubertus Hinse

    Due to the Covid 19 pandemic the festival had to be held online. But it was the very best online experience possible! The team did a great job creating a web-version of the festival. The live chat was a very nice feature, so we filmmakers could get in contact. Thank you very very much!

    November 2020
  • Sono stato felicissimo di aver iscritto e partecipato a questo Festival, che si caratterizza davvero per la totale apertura mentale e per uno sguardo a 360 gradi sulla trattazione della tematica su cui si incentra il focus del Festival. Ottima l'organizzazione, seria, attenta, pronta a rispondere a qualunque tipo di richiesta. E pur nella strana forma "online" è stato bello potersi reciprocamente confrontare con colleghi autori e registi e col pubblico. Un sincero ringraziamento da parte di quelli de "IL Conte Magico"!

    November 2020
  • If your film is truly original, unconventional, full of new ideas and deals in some way with one of the many themes of this festival: you should give it a try, because you won't regret it.
    I submitted my first movie (wich I made with my friends and no money) giving it no chance because aesthetically it wasn't very pleasing; but to my surprise I was selected and even won an award: this is one of the very few festival that can really see and evaluate the hard work you'd put into your film. The organizers were always avaiable and helpful: they even managed to arrange the 2020 edition completely online (because of the coronavirus crisis) and did it in a flawless way.
    In my opinion, the well thought out line-up of movies and the timely communication make this one of the best festivals out there.

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much! We are happy that you enjoyed the event. The festival is originally a Live Screening event and has been moved online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, we were very glad to manage the screenings in full scope online as we believe that culture should give hope, especially in social crisis. Hopefully we will see each other safe and healthy in person at the 4th edition 2021 presenting a new film of yours? :-)

  • Richard James Allen

    We were thrilled that our film, TEXT MESSAGES FROM THE UNIVERSE, could be featured at the First Hermetic International Film Festival. Thanks so much for having us!

    July 2020
  • Un festival per valorizzare la creatività a tutto tondo senza pregiudizi ne confini se non quelli del buon gusto e del rispetto ?
    Si, credo ce ne fosse davvero bisogno.
    Grazie a tutti voi.
    Damiano Rossi

    July 2020