The Film and Video Poetry Society Presents:
The 2018 Film and Video Poetry Symposium

Poets, filmmakers, and media artists are called to submit their work to the 1st annual Film and Video Poetry Symposium. The film festival and symposium will celebrate and screen a large scope of film and video projects developed through the medium of poetry. This event will also host a series of panels, guest speakers, and public dialogues regarding film and video poetry over the course of the symposium.

Eligible submissions have a maximum length of 60 minutes. There are no restrictions regarding when the film was produced or if the film has premiered regionally or internationally. There are no restrictions on subject matter, theme or topic.

The Film and Video Poetry Symposium will accept submissions of poetry films, filmpoems, digital-poetry, poetry video, Cin(E)-Poetry, spoken word films, videopoema, visual poetry, poetrinca, media poetry, and all films that are visually driven by text. Performance material, virtual reality projects, installation proposals, and video art presentations that hybrid or contain strong aspects of poetry are encouraged.

The Film and Video Poetry Symposium also calls for experimental film and video work that explores language and/or literature whether it be oral, written, visual, or symbolic. This includes the film essay or cinematic essay, non-narrative work, and the avant guard. We will also strongly consider work that challenges traditional and current visual communication methods while continuing to function as a mode for exploring narrative and personal expression.

Deadline: All submissions must be submitted no later than 11:59PM PST, December 31, 2017.

Works in progress will NOT be considered.

The Film and Video Poetry Symposium will not offer notes or feedback on any submitted films.

The Film and Video Poetry Symposium reserves the right to determine eligibility of any project submitted, to remove a film or project from the symposium for any reason or for no reason, and shall not be liable for any refund or claims of any kind arising out of such removal. In case the film or project in question is disqualified, or is unable to screen due to technical, or operational difficulties, or if your film needs to be rescheduled, delayed, or removed from the program for any reason, the filmmaker(s) (cast, crew, or anyone involved with the project in question) are not entitled to any refund or damage claims of any kind.

The Film and Video Poetry Symposium cannot be held liable or responsible for any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, or royalty infringement.

The submitter agrees to provide FVPS the exhibition format indicated on the submission two (2) weeks prior to the announced screening date.

Entries that are not English language must be subtitled in English.

The Film and Video Poetry Symposium has the right to copy any accepted materials, and to utilize the film and/or performance for future FVPS screenings, promotions, catalogues, trailers, events and projects that are non-commercial related.

No revisions will be accepted once an entry has been received. Once a payment has been processed, FVPS will not provide a refund.

All decisions made by judges, programmers, and organizers will be final, and no refund of submission fee will be provided.

Overall Rating
  • Mad love and thanks to the 2018 Film and Video Poetry Symposium for selecting PHAT Girl to screen this year. The communication between the festival and myself is amazing. The love they are showing my baby is outstanding. I had no idea the film is screening in more locations as a result of being selected. I couldn't make the festival due to prior engagements, but was able to send someone to rep the film and the hospitality they received was superb. Bravo to the organizers. You guys did a great job. Thanks again!

    May 2018
  • Hanna-Mari Ojala

    Overall greatness!! :) Thank you for having me a part of your program!

    May 2018