Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone fame once said that with the key of imagination, we open the dimension of the mind. The sixth annual Sigmund Freud Film Festival & Challenge, under film festival producer Rodrick Colbert and the Evolutionary Project, continues to call for film entries that celebrate one of the most famous locksmiths of the mind, Dr. Freud.

“Bold, Provocative, Fun, and Thought-provoking” are some of the adjectives to describe this latest Tampa Bay-based area film festival & film challenge.

The non-competitive portion seeks any maximum 20-minute (minimum 2-minute) fiction or non-fiction film that includes themes related to Sigmund Freud, Freudian theories, psychology, psychotherapy, or any psychological thriller or themed film. The entry fee is $35 and is subject to acceptance.


Original and Signed Award Certificates by the producer will be awarded to the Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, and Actress Performances, Best Editing, Best Use of Story Elements, Best Story, Best Adaptation of Freud Theory.

Both Competitive and Non-Competitive Films are eligible for the top three Audience Favorite Award.

For the competitive film challenge, between now and July 12, 2024, filmmakers are invited to create and submit an original maximum 15-minute - ( minimum 2-minute) video that includes the following elements:

1. Any idea from Freud's classic 1895 book, "Studies on Hysteria."

2. Other elements of the competitive entries must include (1) the color Lime Green, (2) “I don't know who needs to hear this” as a line of dialogue, and (3) a "colander" must be shown in any capacity in the video, and (4) Your choice of any type of extraterrestrial figure, object, entity, fact or fiction OR a main character who is a well-known historical figure

3. “This film submission is part of “ The 6th Annual Sigmund Freud Film Festival & Challenge" the director's name and the title of the film” must be displayed at the beginning of the video entry.

5. The competitive film entry fee is $20.

6. The submission maximum minute limit excludes title and credits.

7. Competitive entries must be received by 11:59 p.m., July 12, 2024

Overall Rating
  • Donna Sisco

    This is the second time I have worked with the Freud Film Festival Challenge. Festival folks are helpful and gracious- both times it was a rewarding experience.

    July 2023
  • Heloise Magny

    Good festival, thank you for selecting "Keep Painting, Mom" !! Keep up the great work

    November 2022
  • Thank you Rodrick Colbert for including my entry SQUALOR in the Challenge. It was meant to be included in the non-competitive section, however it was bumped up into the competition. It was fun judging the entries the first year, and I hope to be a part of next year's Challenge.

    September 2022
  • Thank you for selecting "Three Objects Spoke To Me" for non-competition screening. It was enjoyable and informative watching all the films and meeting the film makers.

    October 2021
  • A specialized festival in the field of psychology and related fields, with the presence of a nice and supportive team.
    Warm Regards

    September 2021