This is the second annual Detroit Bloodbath! The horror film-festival dedicated to the art of the grindhouse film! We love the wild exploitation movies that ruled the 70's and 80's. Wild, over the top T&A splatterfests that splashed across the screens of drive-ins and theaters, entertained and thrilled audiences for decades. At the Bloodbath, modern day grindhouse artists will compete and win awards for originality and entertainment value. This is a 420 friendly event! Horror movies, weed, and did I mention the smoking hot and super talented Motor City Dolls are going to be performing at the event as well? Visit vendor booth and purchase horror movie merch!

Why should I throw a film-festival you say?
I love B-movie, Grindhouse flicks. These are movies that you watch over and over again like a Saturday morning cartoon. How many times have you seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show? These films have a special place in your heart. This is a celebration of the weird/crazy flicks that dance in your imagination and put a smile on your face when you think about them.
Sorry I ramble a bit.
Oh yeah, the reason.
Oh yeah, these films need to be celebrated! How many times do I have to sit through a group of young people, getting picked off, oops, until the final girl that kills the badguy, who comes back to life for the sequel type movies? How about this, awkward dude has a crush on someone. That someone is with a bad person. Funny antics happen and the guy gets the girl?
Yeah, I get it. Those films can be fun, but there are so many of them. Give me a Creepshow, Toxic Avenger, The Blob, The Thing, you get the drift.
I want filmmakers to use their imagination rather than copy a easy formula.

Awards will be given to First, Second and Third place winners. The winning movies will also be screened at the event. Send no physical media.

Entrees will be accepted only through FilmFreeway.

Entrees must fit into the horror genre. Horror, horror comedy, horror sci-fi, horror western, horror romance. Filmmakers who enter this festival agree to the terms and give us permission to show their movie that the Detroit Bloodbath. Fillmmakers also agree to let us promote their movie using the various media outlets that currently exist.
Entries must be from the United States

Send no physical media. Entrees will be accepted only through FilmFreeway.