CK Productions Inc. is a Manhattan & Long Island based entertainment company that produces theatre, dance, and film. This is all organized through CK's separate branches; CK Films, CK Theatricals, CK Visuals & CK Dance. These projects are led by industry professionals and young professionals collaborating together to create rare, authentic art.

The mission with the CK FILM FESTIVAL (Long Island) is to promote international and diverse films in Long Island, New York to continue to spread independent artists’ work and to continue to grow the industry. CK Films constantly strives to always create projects with diversity. We hope our festival will promote that same message of diversifying the industry and creating new and engaging stories.

We hope to introduce the loveliness and sites of Long Island to a worldwide platform and bring the industry and more unique arts to Long Island’s surrounding towns.


This is a First Year Festival that will be premiering in the critically acclaimed underground style Richie Applebaum Theater at CK Productions.

We are not only looking to complete our objective in diversifying the industry and bringing independent film to Long Island, but to display work that has never been seen by people who care about the arts & film, regardless of their background. CK Productions Inc. was started by Ethan Felizzari, a 16 year old teenager at the time, to give kids like himself and others the opportunity to create such unique ideas without money, without adults and without a big studio behind them. Felizzari has been able to create a successful Community Theatre, produce original theatrical works, host a variety of workshops and classes and produce Films created by young professionals and studio executives in the industry.

At this festival we look to give opportunities to ages 21 & under (in our Youth 21 & Under Film category) and to all participants with an engaging story. The background is not our concern, but the story is. The CK Film Festival (Long Island) will have heart, will have soul and will tell engaging and innovative, important stories.

The Festival does not stop there! Each film programmed will automatically be in the running for one of the following awards as well as various cash prizes for certain awards.

-Best Feature Film
-Best Feature Film (Documentary)
-Best Feature Film (Animation)
-Best Short Film
-Best Short Film (Documentary)
-Best Short Film (Animation)
-Best International Film (Documentary, Animation, Short or Narrative)
-Best Director (Animated or Narrative Feature)
-Best Documentary Director
-Best Short Film Director (Animated or Narrative)
-Best Original Screenplay
-Best Cinematography
-Best Editing
-Best Sound Editing & Design
-Best Wardrobe Design
-Best Hair & Make Up Design
-Best Actor (Feature Film)
-Best Actress (Feature Film)
-Best Actor (Short Film)
-Best Actress (Short Film)
-Best Ensemble (Feature Film)
-Best Ensemble (Short Film)
-Best Youth Film (18 & under)
-Best Pilot (Web/TV Series)
-Best Short Script (Short Script Competition)
-The Richie Applebaum Rising Star in Film Award (Actor/Actress)
-Audience Choice Award
-The CK Productions Award for Most Innovative Film


- Works can be submitted only if completed within the past three years.
- Screenplays must be submitted online as a PDF document or sent to our mailing address listed below.
- Submissions are not required to be “Premiere Status” to be selected for the festival.
- Please look at specific running times for your film in the category / section you are applying to. Film’s will not be accepted if the total running time is over the specified time.
- Works must be completed before submitting.
- Films that have had a limited commercial theatrical run, have been involved in other festivals and/or have received other forms of mass distribution are encouraged to submit. Please list what festivals the film has premiered at and what sort of distribution you may have.
-All submissions must be made as a password-protected VIMEO video.
- The filmmaker will need to send in a separate copy on a DVD/Hard Drive if chosen for Festival.
-CK Productions Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damages to any items that are sent to the mailing address.


Upon selection, each applicant is required to provide THE CK FILM FESTIVAL (Long Island) with an electronic press kit, stills of project, an official poster, picture & biography of producers/writers/directors and any other available press materials.

If accepted, applicant grants CK Productions Inc. (including if D.B.A. CK Films, CK Visuals CK Theatricals, CK Dance) and the CK FILM FESTIVAL (Long Island) the right to use images & video submitted for promotional purposes and for future festival advertisements. Full films or projects will not be released to the public without author & producer consent.

The submission of film indicates applicant's guarantee to display their work at the CK FILM FESTIVAL (Long Island) if selected for programming. The CK FILM FESTIVAL (Long Island) reserves the right to refuse entries.

The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless THE CK FILM FESTIVAL (Long Island) & CK Productions Inc. (including CK Theatricals, CK Films & CK Dance) from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.