Since its creation in May 2018, The Bush Films has exemplified inclusivity, safety, and representation for queer women and trans and non-binary people. The Bush Films is the only consistent monthly queer film festival in New York City that focuses exclusively on films for, about, and by queer women, trans, and non-binary people. We understand that our community craves representation in cinema, and we’re dedicated to making such films more accessible.

The Bush Films is a community bred and oriented, which means that, at present, our grassroots beginnings don’t enable us to have a monetary prize for selected films. We’re about art for the sake of the act (and for representation and community).

We often collaborate and curate at other festivals and organizations, such as SAGE and CLAGS. We also participated in a screening in Venice, Italy, which opens doors internationally. Meaning, if your film is selected by The Bush Films, there’s a chance it can also screen at other festivals we work with. However, the folks we have at our Brooklyn screenings are NYC-based. The Bush Films also hosted the premiere of The L Word: Gen Q screenings, which boast an audience of 150-500 people.

Overall, The Bush Films believes that quality representation and inclusive, safe spaces are imperative. We began in a backyard and have grown far beyond initial expectations. The Bush Films is proud to represent films about queer women, trans, and non-binary and the folks that create them.

We welcome short documentaries and fictional films. All films with a principal queer, trans, or non-binary storyline, or which address the LBTQ+ community’s experience, are welcome. All films not in English must be accompanied by English subtitles, and directors of selected films will be invited to discuss their work with the audience in open sessions between showings. We ask that films are no longer than 20 minutes.

This is not an awarded festival, we celebrate queer cinema and every film selected in our film programs.

We screen short films about:
- Queer women
- Lesbians
- Bisexual
- Trans women
- Trans men
- Non-binary people.
- 2 Spirits
- Gender Non-Conforming
- Intersex
- Feminist

Every film needs to have English captions.

Short films no longer than 24 minutes.

Overall Rating
  • Tessa Hill

    Bush Films is a wonderful festival that creates space for queer folks to connect with and appreciate queer content on regularly instead of just once a year! Although I didn't get a chance to attend the screening, it was a pleasure to be a part of a festival like this. There was great communication and all-around wonderful energy. Worth submitting to if you're looking for an intimate and meaningful showing experience.

    August 2020
  • Emily Kaplan

    Such a supportive, communicative festival with strong commitment to community building! Lots of opportunities to work with the team to promote your film and share your experience, both through the screening and beyond. I was so impressed and appreciative of Kaina and the whole team's passion for promoting the work of so many wonderful LBTQ stories and storytellers!

    August 2020
  • Lauren Sevigny

    The Bush Films was a great festival experience! They really welcome new filmmakers and voices and have created such an awesome space for their community on their platform. The creative team is extremely professional and on top of everything. I'm so thankful to have been selected to screen in their festival.

    July 2020
  • This is a great festival! It was amazing to find a group of people so passionate about giving queer filmmakers a platform. Our film "Wake Me Up" was screened virtually (because of the pandemic) alongside many other awesome queer films from all over. I feel proud to have been included. Submit to The Bush Films!

    July 2020
  • I LOVE THE BUSH FILMS!!! Our film, "Here With You" played as part of their Pride edition last month, and Kaina and the entire team were SO welcoming and wonderful. Truly an amazing community to be found here, we even were asked to do a Q&A after the screening, which helped us connect with other queer/trans people in Brooklyn and beyond! Would absolutely recommend The Bush Films to anyone looking for a quality screening and community experience!!

    July 2020