Welcome to our annual EUROSCRIPT Screenwriting Competition 2018, now in its 24th year.

It's all about story. Write a compelling 2-page summary of your feature-length screenplay and submit it to us by midnight 31st March 2018. (We also ask for ten pages of sample script from anything you're currently writing.)

All entrants receive a 2-page bullet-point report worth £40 from one of Euroscript's experienced Script Doctors.

Our mission is to help you get your story to a completed screenplay via three full drafts of your script. Start with the story treatment, end with a script we'll have helped you develop to the very best of your potential.


(worth £1,000 if you paid our usual rate)

Extensive and expert feedback on 3 drafts of your script within a specified time period (usually a year) which includes:

on each draft of the script, a full report, usually running to 10-15 pages;

as much face-to-face, over-the-phone and email support as you need to complete each of your 3 drafts;

marketing advice and help once the third draft is completed.

(worth £210 if you paid our usual rate)

A full script report on any script of your choice (click on the link to find out more about the report)

(worth £75 if you paid our usual rate)

A bullet-point report on any script of your choice

EVERYONE gets a 2-page bullet-point report on their entry worth £40 from one of Euroscript's experienced Script Doctors. As the entry fee is only £35, this is a once-a-year chance to receive feedback on your story treatment at our discounted rate.


To enter The Euroscript Screenwriting Competition 2018 you must confirm that you accept these rules.

The Euroscript Screenwriting Competition is open to writers of any nationality from any country.

Entries may be written in the English or French language.

Submissions should take the form of a two page prose outline of a feature-length film. This must not exceed 1100 words, and should be set out in 12pt. Any entry which is over two pages long will be disqualified; and a ten page script writing sample which can either be a complete short film OR an extract from a full length screenplay OR TV drama show or series – either one you have completed or the one you are submitting for this Competition.

The sample must include a mixture of action and dialogue and give the title of the submitted outline for reference; and the completed entry form.

Submissions in any genre will be accepted and will be assumed to be the writer’s original work unless otherwise shown. Where the story is based on an existing piece of work, it is the writer’s responsibility to obtain the necessary rights to this material.

Submissions may be sent by email (as Word, PDF or RTF files) or hard copy.

Handwritten entries will be returned unread. All entries must be typewritten.

Scriptwriting samples should be in standard industry format, using Courier 12pt font.

All entries must be submitted by the competition deadline of midnight BST 31 March 2018.

Submissions by co-writing partnerships will be accepted.

All submissions must be accompanied by the correct entry fee. Entrants may make as many submissions as they wish.

Entering the competition constitutes permission for Euroscript to use the winners’ names for publicity and promotional purposes without any additional compensation.

To enter this competition you either have to hold the rights to your material or have the rights’ holder’s permission.

There will be no cash alternative to the offered prizes.

Submissions will not be returned under any circumstances. If submitting a hard copy entry, please do not send originals.

Writers should put the title of the project submitted on the top of the two page outline and script sample but not include their name anywhere on the two page outline or script sample.

If the film is made, in the end credits, please credit Euroscript as follows: Script Development supplied by Euroscript Limited.