Previously known as Terrible two day fest Toronto comes Terrible Fest. We always have the early birds first few months of submissions but after that it's 2.22 to submit. But we try to make it as cheap as possible for everyone. As we want self produced underground oddities an sometimes the cheaper is the better .the weirder even better
We are entering year seven! That's a lot folks for a wild bunch of weirdos like us
Low budget is love. We are here for the strange and the underground. B movies, bizarre movies. Shorts and features. Underground and DIY comes to Canada, Ontario, Toronto. For five years we have rocked Eyesore Cinema on bloor in downtown toronto for a weekend of pure oddities. We welcome you to join us and to impress our loyal and rabid audience.

The yearly golden (ok golden spray painted) vhs for the Schlocktastic award . Chosen by the audience.
Past winners are
She Kills by Ron Ronk
Camp Death 3 in 2 D by Matt Frame
Dinosaurs in a Mining Facility by Jordin Goff
Freak by Lucky Cerruti
Swabian Granny Gore Terror by Mad man Marv
Killer Balloon by Devon Oman

Cheap is love. Weird is even more. We charge 2 dollars for each screening (2 dollars Canadian at that) so it is not about money. So more strangers can come and see these rare underground artists. We look for weird and original features and shorts. That have been made in fairly recent years (we have had made some exceptions)
We are an 18 plus film fest but do not exactly looking for extreme titles (however we had played some , theres always room for one)

Overall Rating
  • Charles Magee

    Thank you Terrible Fest Toronto for choosing my movie 'Cocaine Snorting Crabs From Outer Space!' I'm happy to contribute to this quirky, fun fest! And, Riot, thanks for getting me in touch with Ron, so even more people can see my flick!

    August 2023
  • Justin Armao

    A killer and cool festival done for all of the right reasons. Just a love for all kinds of films. Adam is the best and a cheerleader for crazy filmmakers. Submit your film and let the magic begin.

    April 2023