"Taiga" is an international open festival of short author's films with weekly screenings. Every month we select the best works, form a programme and present them on screen.

The festival evaluates submitted films preparing them for further distribution. Copyright remains with the filmmakers as submissions receive support from the festival and patrons alike. Thanks to our partners, the films then get recognition beyond online platforms through further presentations at a variety of physical venues. A significant way to reach an ever growing audience.

We are located in Khabarovsk. The festival is organized by the Taiga Community. Taiga is a center for the support and development of cinematography in Asia.

Taiga presents films from around the globe enabling recognition and support for emerging filmmakers and expanding the recognition of cinematography and its relevance.

We accept short films from any country in any genre.

- Grand Prix (Laurel)
- Best Drama (Laurel)
- Best Horror (Laurel)
- Best Comedy (Laurel)
- Best Sci-Fi (Laurel)
- Best Thriller (Laurel)
- Best War Film (Laurel)
- Best Romantic Film (Laurel)

1. English subtitles are mandatory for any films in a language other than English.

2. Film duration should not exceed 30 minutes.

3. By sending us an application, you give us the right to show your film to a live audience offline.

4. We can use fragments from your film on social networks based on the press kits (they include teaser, film fragments and description) that you have provided to us.

5. All submitted films must be available for screening.

6. The filmmakers are responsible for the copyright of their own materials. You, as the applicant submitting the film, agree that you are the fair, complete and legal owner of all submitted content, including music. Otherwise, claims from third parties will be presented to the sender of the film.

7. All films must be shot after 2019.

8. We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions.

Overall Rating
  • tariq akreyi

    Thank you for the TAIGA Festival and its interest in films and directors and their way of communicating. I wish you prosperity and brilliance.

    January 2023
  • Matías Leiva

    Very good experience with the festival. Happy to win best horror short with 'The Night Before The Premiere'

    January 2023
  • Great experience with Taiga, See you soon!

    January 2023
  • Bahram Akbari

    Yyy ggd see eej jwjw

    January 2023
  • من خیلی از جشنواره تایگا راضی بودم و خیلی خوشحالم که امسال نامزد همچین جشنواره ای شدم

    December 2022