After a successful and totally rewarding festival in 2016 and a one that nearly killed us in 2017 (we were taken aback by the number of great entries and found it hard to make a final decision!), we're back!

"I am very very grateful for his brilliant analysis. The notes did not only show me that I have a lot to improve on the script (and there is not a single hint for improvement which I would discuss, he just hit the nail on the head everywhere), they also give some very good suggestions on HOW to make the necessary changes happen.
Overall it just motivated me to sit down with that script again. So, THANK YOU, Andrew Ellery!"
Kristine Tauch, 2016 Feature Script Runner-up and recipient of a valuable, in-depth script analysis.

Since 1994, TinselTown Productions has offered writing contests for writers of short stories, novels and poetry. After a great year in 2016, TinselTown Productions is running a new contest for TV and Film scripts - short or full length.

The contest is open to writers from all over the world  - provided the script is in English - and entries in any genre.

Prizes include: a weeks stay in our writer's retreat in scenic Nova Scotia; feedback from a top script editor to help make the script even better; cash prizes - and the winning feature and short will be passed on to our network of producers for a consultation with an active producer looking for projects to option and produce.

We can confirm that at least one screenplay that didn't even make it to the final stages is soon to be taken on by top producers who are part of our global network. Judges this year will be working producers and executive producers, with TV and film projects completed in the last twelve months in the UK, Finland, Ireland and North America. The contest will give writers a unique opportunity to have their work read by some of the film world's current top executives.

Cash prizes of $50 and $25 respectively to those who reach quarter-finals in feature and short categories.
Semi-finalists will each receive $100 and a chance to pitch their script to a panel of producers.
Runners-up in both categories will receive a detailed script analysis by a top script consultant - value $1500
Winners will receive a one-to-one consultation with a producer actively looking for projects to produce plus a cash prize of $1000 and a week's stay in our writers' retreat in Nova Scotia (travel to the retreat not included)

2018 TinselTown Productions Screenplay Contest - Rules

Submitted scripts must be original screenplays, and the sole property of the applicant(s).
All ages are eligible.
All entries must be in English.
Feature screenplays must be between 45 and 125 pages in length. Absolutely no exceptions.
Short screenplays must be between 1 and 44 pages in length. Absolutely no exceptions. There is no limit to the number of screenplays you may submit.
All entries must be uploaded in PDF format.
Under absolutely no circumstances will substitutions of either corrected pages or new drafts of the entry screenplay(s) be made.
Screenplays will not be returned.
If a submitted screenplay becomes optioned, produced or purchased between the time of submission and the end of the judging period, that screenplay will no longer be eligible.
Do not send materials, information, budgets, talent attached or anything to show any packaging work done for the project. Any entrant attaching such information will be disqualified.
Screenplays, including outlines, treatments, pitches, log lines or any developmental material related to screenplay, that have previously won any contest, competition, grant, lab, fellowship, mentorship, reading or award of any kind, are not eligible.
Screenplay titles cannot be changed upon resubmission under any circumstances.
Screenplays uploaded or posted online to the public are not eligible.

The Organizers do not have to award prizes for any category where insufficient entries of quality are received.

Overall Rating
  • I got into the top 10 last year for my screenplay, Sex and Mrs. McFee, which makes me feel 100% more confident in my work, and the queries I send out. I'm so glad I entered this contest.

    October 2019
  • Despite some backhanded recognition (I was a finalist at some point), this was an exceptional waste of time and money.

    May 2018
  • Jack Kelly

    I entered two scripts to this contest. I was not notified (after the given notification date) that both my scripts had been 'selected'. I had no further contact with the contest. 5 Months on and there is no indication of winners (if there were any). Their website only shows winners from 2016. Unsure if this was even a contest at all and would not recommend entering.

    April 2018
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    Response from festival:

    Hi Jack
    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Our records show that your scripts were selected for the latter stage of the contest and further reading. You should have received - like everyone else - a standard email from Film Freeway informing you of that. We only then follow up with writers whose work progresses past that stage. Yours didn't I'm afraid.
    TinselTown is a network of creative individuals who volunteer their time to support and promote other creatives. The contest is one part of that. Right now, we are taking a breather following the last contest and ensuring that ALL prize-winners have been notified and dealt with before we update the website with their names. That is just our process.
    I am sorry again that you had a bad experience, but I assure you our contest is genuine.
    Jeff Stratton

  • VN Alexander

    Proud to take part and honored to be among other hardworking creatives.

    April 2018
    Ttp logo
    Response from festival:

    Thank you. It was a pleasure to read "Terrordise" - we wish you well with future work.