Early Bird Online General Festival Pass

Price $15.90

Event Date Sep 15, 2021 10:00 AM | Show Details Hide Details

The Online General Festival Pass will enable you to take part in the Online section of the 2021 edition of The Galactic Imaginarium Festival (Science Fiction and Fantasy).

You will be able to:
-view the films selected in the Festival
-view the films in the General selection (not competing for the Festival Awards)
-participate live at presentations, discussions and panels on ZOOM
-participate live at the Award Gala on ZOOM

For other Special events (online Meet&Greet, online Autograph signing and online workshops) you will need to buy the Online General Festival Pass AND the Special events ticket.

With the General Festival Pass you will have access to the Online Edition of the The Galactic Imaginarium Film Festival (Science Fiction and Fantasy), all days (15-19 September 2021). With the same General Festival Pas you can have access to the location of the festival, if the conditions will allow the event at the location.

For the online edition, you will be able to :
-view the films in the Festival Selection (except the ones who are geoblocked by the distributors)
-view the films in the Final Cut Selection (not participating for the Festival Awards) -except the ones who are geoblocked by the distributors
-participate at presentations, discussion and panels (on ZOOM)
-participate at the Award Gala (on ZOOM)

For location events, you will be able to:

you watch all the movies from the festival, at the different locations in the program
to participate in all program elements available to those who have purchased a subscription
the subscription does not allow participation in the Awards Gala, which is reserved only for guests and people representing the films present at the festival.

For the Special Events (online Meet & Greet, online autograph signing, workshops etc.), you must buy a General Festival Pass AND the Special Event Ticket.

You must be over 16 years old to buy a pass or a ticket.

Please note that this is an early bird ticket and for the moment we cannot provide information about the films that will be part of the Festival. Rest assured that you will be able to enjoy quality productions in all the sections (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Animation and Comedy/Parody - short films and full feature films).

For updated information, please visit https://festival.galactic.one

To participate at the TGIFF online edition, after you buy a General Festival Pass, you must register your account.
Please get all the details at https://festival.galactic.one/start-here/
You will be able to register your account starting on 10th of September 2021.