Under the patronage of UNESCO and organized by the NPO Films for children, Takorama is an international online festival of silent animated short films for teachers, parents and children around the world.
340,418 children from 115 countries participated in Takorama 2021.

Among the partners of the 2022 festival, UNESCO MIL Alliance, CITIA (Cité de l'image en mouvement d'Annecy), Institut Français, NPO 3-6-9-12, EKOME support the festival for the selection of films and international communication.

What type of films are selected?
Silent animated short films under 20 minutes.
Silent means without language (spoken word) and without subtitles but with sound and music.

Thanks to our partnership with CITIA, films previously selected at the Annecy festival since 1960 are welcome, but we also select films that have never taken part in festivals before.

The theme of the festival is humanism and ecology.
The selected films are not films created especially for children.
A selection committee comprised of representatives of partners and directors, selects 15 short films and organizes them into 5 programs defined by the age of the spectators.
[3-4-5 years] [6-7-8 years] [9-10-11 years] [12-13-14 years] [15-16-17 years]

What is the aim of the festival?
The aim of the festival is to offer children all over the world free access to animated short films in an educational context. Children discover cultural diversity around universal values and messages such as humanism and ecology.
The festival also has the underlying objective of strengthening the educational dimension of cinema by positioning it in particular on alongside literature and painting as a resource capable of accompanying and supporting all education (visual arts, language, mathematics ...). The festival will also allow children to develop a critical mind and envision moving images, beyond entertainment as a communication tool.
Each selected short film is accompanied by educational activities created by a educational committee comprised of teachers.

How the festival works?
The festival for teachers and their students is completely free and without advertising.
Each teacher registers his class and offers his students educational activities after watching the films. In a positive dimension, each child votes for his favorite film, gives his opinion and shares with others.
The festival takes place online from March to June to give the teachers the time necessary to offer the students the associated educational activities.
Pupils discover films at home and participate in educational activities at school. The festival allows a family discussion and classroom activities from a playful medium.

Each selected short film will receive $500.00 for their participation in the festival.
The 2022 partners will select one film from the participating films and an additional prize of 1000 USD will be awarded.
An additional annual fee in exchange for the optional participation in the online platform of the NPO Films for children with a guaranteed minimum of 100 USD will also be offered to participants at the end of the festival.

Children around the world vote for their favorite film and the “children's prize” is awarded in each of the 5 categories of the festival.
[3-4-5 years] [6-7-8 years] [9-10-11 years] [12-13-14 years] [15-16-17 years]

Takorama 2022
International Children's Film Festival
A free online Short Film Festival for children around the world.

Article 1. Introduction

NPO Films for children, aimed at teachers from all over the world and their pupils aged 4 to 18, is organizing the third edition of Takorama, an online festival of short films accompanied by educational activities.
The festival is completely free for spectators and gives each student the opportunity to vote for their favorite short film.
The festival benefited from 340,418 participants from 115 countries in 2021.

Article 2. Objective of the festival

For the public and childrenThe festival provides children around the world with free access to short films.The underlying objective of the festival is to demonstrate the educational dimension of cinema by positioning it, in particular, alongside literature and painting as a resource to support all aspects of teaching, such as visual arts, language arts, math, science, and social studies ...
The festival allows young audiences to develop a critical mind and to consider animated images beyond entertainment as a communication tool.
For authors and film copyright holders
Give short films a second life.
The festival selects short films of all nationalities produced before December 31, 2019 (i.e., 2 years before the 2022 registration deadline), short films that may or may not have previously been shown in festivals or benefited from a commercial release, but which today have never had or no longer have a distribution system and a sustainable economic system.
The selected short films benefit during the 4 months of the festival from a large audience and new opportunities, but also, after the festival, from the possibility of an annual distribution and remuneration (5 years minimum) by participating in the online educational platform of the NPO Films for children (see Article 5).

Article 3. Festival dates

Takorama 2022 will take place over 4 months, from March 1 to June 24, 2022. This will give teachers the time necessary to offer students the associated educational activities.

Article 4. Conditions of entry

The festival chooses and invites short films, but it is also possible to submit a short film without an invitation. Registration is free and must be done online before December 31, 2021, by the film copyright holder or representative on the https://filmfreeway.com platform.
The results of the selection will be communicated by email on January 31, 2022.
The festival selects short films created for all audiences rather than short films created specifically for children.
The 15 short films selected will be classified by the festival into 5 programs of 3 short films defined by the age of the spectators:
3–5 years, 6–8 years, 9–11 years, 12– 4 years, 15–17 years.
Festival themes
The themes of the festival are humanism and ecology.
Keywords: tolerance, respect for others, equality, dignity, solidarity, peace, freedom of expression, legality, justice, human rights, cultural diversity, respect for and preservation of the environment, sustainable development, biodiversity, animal rights.
Selection criteria
Short films must be:
• animated films or a mixture of animation and real shots,
• films with a minimum length of 1 minute and maximum length of 20 minutes,
• silent films without constraints of translations and subtitles; they may be watched by children all over the world,
• films produced before December 31, 2019, without any other production date limitation.
The selection criteria are originality, the artistic quality of the staging and the poetic dimension of the short films.
No exclusivity condition is required.
The short films may have been shown at previous events and may have been released for commercial release.
The short films may also have been uploaded by the copyright holders on sharing and viewing platforms, such as Vimeo, YouTube…

Article 5. Provision of selected short films

An agreement will be established between the copyright holders of the films and NPO Films for children.
The copyright holders authorize, in exchange for remuneration, NPO Films for children and its partners to broadcast the selected short films for non-profit cultural and educational purposes worldwide during the 4-month festival.
The short films will be accessible from the website of the festival:
https://www.takorama.orgThe selected short films will be viewable online for free from the festival website during the four festival months.
Optional participation : https://plateforme.films-pour-enfants.comAt the end of the festival, an option will be offered with an additional payment so that the short films can be viewed on the association's online image education platform for a period of 5 years, tacitly renewed.
This subscription platform, with authentication and an access code, allows teachers and educational, cultural and social institutions to use the short films during non-commercial public activities.
For the duration of the agreement, the digital files of the short films will be hosted on NPO Films for children servers, on the VIMEO channel of the festival and stored on encrypted USB keys intended for users of the platform who choose to broadcast offline.
No exclusivity condition is required. The agreement is non-exclusive and the copyright holders remain free to conclude other agreements for the distribution of short films with third parties without informing the NPO Films for children.
Video extracts and images of the short films
Provided that the credits of the film copyright holders and authors of the film are indicated, the copyright holders authorize NPO Films for children to use video extracts and images of the short films as part of the communication, the promotion of the festival and the creation of educational materials for the festival and the educational platform.
The copyright holders will benefit from a remuneration of 500 USD per selected short film in exchange for participation in the 2022 festival. An annual fee in exchange for the optional participation in the platform will be calculated according to the number of short films and the annual subscription revenues of the platform with a guaranteed annual minimum of 100 USD.
In the event of a modification of the remuneration for reasons beyond the control of the festival, the festival undertakes to inform the copyright holders of the short films selected before the notification of the selection results on January 31, 2022.
The copyright holders of the selected short films, in this case, may choose if they wish to confirm their participation in the festival or not.

Article 6. The children award

Each student participating in the festival votes in his/her age category for his/her favorite short film.
The "children award" is awarded in each of the 5 categories:
3–5 years, 6–8 years, 9–11 years, 12– 4 years, 15–17 years.
The global results and a breakdown of the votes by country will be published on the festival website on July 1, 2022.

Article 7. Guarantees

The copyright holder guarantees NPO Films for children that they are the sole holder of the rights to the short film and that the short film does not borrow from other works protected by intellectual property rights.
The copyright holder guarantees NPO Films for children against any recourse or action that may be brought for any reason whatsoever, any person having participated directly or indirectly in the making of the short film or not having participated in the making of the short film but who would consider that they have all the rights to assert on the distribution of the short film.

NPO Films for children undertakes to inform the copyright holder of the results of the festival and to update the list of users subscribed to the platform every year. NPO Films for children undertakes to inform the public of the festival and the users of the platform of the nature of moral rights, copyright and the code of intellectual property.
Any use for commercial or advertising purposes is strictly prohibited. Any transformation of audiovisual and sound content is subject to the agreement of the copyright holder . However, the festival public and users of the platform are responsible for any abuses they may have committed, and NPO Films for children assumes no responsibility in this regard.

Article 8. Litigation

Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of all the aforementioned regulations.