Tel Aviv International Short Film Festival, One of the few Film Festivals in the world that gives it's guest-filmmakers:
Airline tickets, Hotel accommodation and more.
Our mission is to promote and expedite the career progress of talented filmmakers. we continue to look for the most interesting and innovative work from all around the world. We hope to see you join us and we hope to see you among the festival's first pioneering class of Filmmakers!

Our highly-exclusive program is meticulously designed to provide the tools every filmmaker needs in order to make his or hers next step forward.

You'll get the needed tools through the intimate masterclasses at the festival that would hand you all you need to know about financing and distribution.
You'll get valuable information acquired by years of experience - It will drastically save you years of struggling, and would put you ahead of the competition.
You'll learn how you can get return for your investment on the film and how to make sure that your film will be seen by as many people as possible - thus increasing the opportunities you'll get.
You'll get to meet and bond with like-minded filmmakers in the small-intimate mastermind group. There, you could receive valuable inspiration, ideas and partnerships for the future.

The winner of this year will get the TAISFF fund for his or hers next short film OR other financial - productinal hand from a major Israeli production company. This way the winning filmmaker could implement what he/she got from the festival and make their next piece of work that could really change everything.

We are paying for the flights, hotel rooms and transportation of the filmmakers whose films would be selected.

In the main event, the Films will be presented and screened at the Cinematheque to the public.

Only 6 Films would be accepted to our highly-exclusive program (5 International & 1 National).


We are interested in Films that are the most progressive in their way of thinking. Films that offer something new to the world.
We accept Short Fiction films.
International short films: min 4 minutes - max 40 minutes
National short films: min 4 minutes - max 40 minutes

If you are truly committed to Filmmaking, we want to see your film.

The films selected to the festival will grant their filmmakers a care-free festival experience:
The festival will provide them with:

Airline tickets
Hotel room for 2 nights
and more.
(Total package worth: 1,000$ - 3,000$)
Details at the "Rules & Terms" section down below.
The Winner of the 2018 TAISFF will be given the right to use the TAISFF fund for his or hers next short film.

International short films: min 4 minutes - max 40 minutes
National short films: min 4 minutes - max 40 minutes

if selected, filmmakers are required to provide a DCP file.

Submissions will be considered in two categories:
International films from all countries (except Israel)
Israeli films should be submitted in the National category.

3. YEAR OF PRODUCTION: after 2017.
The film must have been produced after January 1, 2017

4. PREMIERE: Not screened on Internet

Required for submissions with a language other than English.

6. MULTIPLE ENTRY: Possible.
You may submit multiple entries but must fill out a separate entry form and pay an entry fee for each.

DCP (unencrypted, Interop, SMPTE, 2k, 24fps, 25fps, 30fps)
A backup file must be submitted along with the screening copy.
The screening copy must arrive at the festival office not later than the 10th December 2018.
* film still, trailer, poster and the info you send, may be used on our Website and social media, to promote the festival and your films.

8. If selected, One core crew-member (Director, Writer, Producer, DP) MUST attend the festival and participate in the program.



1. Flights from current country to Israel and back (not including extra baggage and other extra services).
The festival reserves the right to choose the direct flights or the connection flights or the airline company and all that involves the transportation of the selected filmmakers from one location to another. After saying that, the festival would happly lend his ear to any special requests from guest filmmakers regarding the flights.

2. Hotel location is in the city of Tel Aviv, each guest will recieve his own room (the festival will not pay for any room service bills or tips or any other extra bill - exept the booking of the hotel room itself).

3. Transportation from Ben-Gurion airport to the hotel and back, and from the hotel to the festival's events. Any other extra drive will not be in the responsibility of the festival.

4. All of the above would be provided to the International Filmmakers whose Films will be accepted into the festival.

5. Only ONE Person from each Film chosen will be provided with all of the above and would get a pass to the exclusive program.

6. For National Filmmakers (ISRAEL): Only the Transportation section is valid. (section 3)


Note for Filmmakers from countries who has no diplomatic relations with Israel:

We encourage you to submit your work. We do not discriminate any film or filmmaker. On the contrary, if selected, we would arrange for any filmmaker from those countries a chance to participate in our program through skype.
Note: This applies only to filmmakers from those countries with no legal abelity to arrive into Israel, all other filmmakers are obligated to fly and be present at the festival.

Cover Photo by Adam Jang

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  • Aðalrós Ólafsdóttir

    TAISFF is a fantastic festival! The staff is amazing and the overall experience was wonderful.

    December 2018