Supported by Miami No Face Production S.r.l., Associazione Giovanile William is glad to welcome you to the first year of Torre Alfina Film Festival - TAFF!

The company Miami No Face Production will offer as a price for the Best Movie the production of a new project for a value of 25.000 euros (see conditions in the awards section).

Torre Alfina Film Festival - TAFF is an international short film festival with a public screening during the awards night, that will take place in the amazing castle of Torre Alfina, between Lazio and Umbria regions, nearby Bolsena lake (
Its goal is to become an annual meeting that gives value to national and international directors' work, with an eye focused on the defence and promotion of artistic quality.

TAFF is organized by Associazione Giovanile William, winner of a grant from Lazio Region (

The direction of TAFF will nominate a jury of at least 5 members. All members will be workers in the Cinema industry and will be recognised experts of Cinema, in its different fields . The members of the jury will be published on the web site

The sections ITALIAN SHORT FILMS, INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILMS will compete for the following prices:

1) Best Film (Best Director) – TORRE D'ORO

MIAMI NO FACE Production Company will offer the following award to the best director:
Production of a new project in terms of technical equipment, human and economical sources for a maximum value of 25.000 euros (gross). *
We are aware that we will be receiving movies made with different budgets: for this reason, the jury will pay particular attention to the work of direction and screenplay, focusing on the artistic quality of the ideas and of the making of.

2) Best Actress - TAFF TOWER
3) Best Actor - TAFF TOWER
4) Best Original Screenplay - TAFF TOWER
5) Best Direction of Photography - TAFF TOWER
6) Best Editing - TAFF TOWER
7) Best Film Under 35 - TAFF TOWER
8) Cinema d'Autrice: Women in Films - PAINTING
9) Audience Award - TAFF TOWER

Movies submitted to to the section UNDER 35 NARRATIVE SHORT FILMS will compete ONLY for the price "Best Film Under 35".

Movies submitted to the section CINEMA D'AUTRICE: WOMEN IN FILMS will compete ONLY for the price "Cinema d'Autrice: Women in Cinema"

* Conditions for the 1st Price (Best Film): The new project has to be filmed within two years. The project has to be previously approved by Miami No Face Production. The plot (storyline) can come either from the director, from the couple director-screenwriter, or from the production (developed in dialogue with the director).

1- This call is open to fiction short movies. Documentaries and Animated Movies are excluded. The short movies uploaded need to be MAXIMUM 20 MINUTES long (in total).

2- The application has to be made through FilmFreeway.

3- The application fee to compete for the 1st Price_Best Film (sections ITALIAN SHORT FILMS and INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILMS) is 15 euros before the 15th July 2023 (h: 11.59 P.M.) and 20 euros from 16th of July until 10th August 2023. 

! If you compete in these two section, you compete for ALL THE PRICES, included "Best Film Under 35" and "Cinema D'Autrice: Women in Cinema" !

To compete ONLY for the sections UNDER 35 SHORT FILMS an CINEMA D'AUTRICE: WOMEN IN FILMS, the application fee is 5 euros until the 15th July 2023 (11.59 P:M:) and 10 euros from the 16th July until the 10th August 2023.

The submission fees are not refundable.

4- For the section INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILMS: the movies in a language different than Italian have to be subtitled in English or Italian. The subtitles have to be edited with the movie and CANNOT be sent separately.

For the live screening night, the selected movies in a language different than
Italian must be screened with italian subtitles: film makers whose films had been submitted with subtitles in English, will be asked to provide Italian subtitles by sending them to the email address The direction has the right
not to screen the movie in case of not receiving the subtitles files.

5 - SCREENING NIGHT: For the finalist short films chosen to be screened, another copy of the movie will be requested in the following format: File .mov (H264 or AppleProRes / Audio Stereo). Short films that will not have a satisfying level of audio/video quality will not be allowed to be screened. It is not possible to withdraw a selected movie from the contest.

6 - All the submitted movies will be viewed by the Festival Direction that will pre-select the short films for the official competition. The direction of the Festival can also select the submitted short films for eventual reviews, special events and “out of competition” projections, parallel to the official competition.
The finalist short films selected by the jury will be screened on the 1st September 2023 (* see point 15). During the public live screening night, will be also announced the WINNER SHORT FILMS. The verdict of the Jury is unquestionable.

7 - AUDIENCE AWARD: the finalist short films will be uploaded on Youtube 10 days before the screening night event (under previous consent of the directors who are free to accept or deny the upload). The audience award will be based on the number of Likes that each short film will receive.

8 - As part of the adoption of the 5050×2020 Initiative (the “Gender Equality Protocol”), TAFF intends to promote GENDER EQUALITY and CULTURAL DIVERSITY in all possible forms.

9 - Movies already presented to other festivals are admitted and accepted for the application. TAFF does not require any exclusive right.

10 - TAFF does NOT accept movies containing advertising messages or COMMERCIALS.

11 - COPYRIGHT: The Direction of the Festival, according to the rules established as far as copyrights are concerned, assumes that the works received are free of any right property or any right belonging to a third party. As partakers of the contests, the authors guarantee the organization of the Festival from any legal action which might be undertaken against it by legal claimants. The artistic directors and the staff of the organization are not to be considered responsible in case of dispute. The authors are liable for the contents of their work and of the diffusion by their means of non-original copyrighted music and/or images.

12 - Torre Alfina Film Festival is hereby granted the right to use images or parts submitted and accepted movies for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes including Miami No Face Production's website and all other media outlets related to Torre Alfina Film Festival publicity. Torre Alfina Film festival is authorised to keep materials about the movies (teaser, trailer ecc..) in its archives.

13 - The person submitting to the festival shall indemnify and hold harmless Torre Alfina Film Festival from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to legal fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening films/ videos entered.

14 - Torre Alfina Film festival DOES NOT ACCEPT: amateur videos; movies with extreme contents or containing any kind of propaganda (religious, politic, ecc..); pornography, movies with a low quality audio and/or video resolution lower than 1080 HD; parts/scenes of the movie (it is mandatory to upload the entire movie).

15 - Torre Alfina Film Festival has the right to POSTPONE THE DEADLINE for submission and the date of the live screening night event, if the number of the movies received are not enough for an accurate and fair artistic evaluation. In this case the organization staff will give instant communication on Film Free Way, on the website and on the social medias of Torre Alfina Film Festival.

The subscription and the participation to “TAFF – 1th Edition” (September 2023) implies the unconditional acceptance of the present regulation in all its parts.
For any possible controversy is qualified the judiciary of Roma (Foro di Roma).

All the awards for the categories of the contest, the names of the Jury members and the selected short films will be published on