Susan Weiss works in the visual arts in various mediums including painting and drawing, photography, graphics, video and film. She is a working artist and art educator in San Francisco and Vermont.
Susan’s work explores the issues of identity and the social landscape of contemporary culture. Her documentary work has explored many subjects including the effect of deployment on military families, the refugee crisis in Lesbos, the border crisis in El Paso/Ciudad Juarez, and medical crisis in third world countries. In each instance she looks for the core issues of motivation, adaptation, and desire of those people she is documenting. LIA is the most recent of these stories.
Susan is currently working on several photography projects that are at various stages of completion. She recently sign a publishing agreement for a book that should be release in October, 2024, THE ORCHARD. The book contains a series a polaroid type images taken during the pandemic that reflect the feelings of loss, sorrow, grief, renewal, and hope as expressed by the changing seasons of an apple orchard in Vermont.
Birth City
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San Francisco
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