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Stony Brook University’s Creative Writing and Filmmaking Program is so excited to announce our inaugural high school student film competition!

SBU’s film curriculum is designed around two guiding principles: constructing compelling narratives, and the democratization of filmmaking. As personal technology evolves, the ability for anyone to create art and cinema is becoming easier, and the creations more dynamic. Unlike in times past, you don’t need a Red or even a DSLR to be a filmmaker...you can do it all with a cell phone. And this is exactly what we encourage our students to do.

By coupling a traditional cinematography education with an emphasis on DIY production, Stony Brook’s film programs are uniquely positioned to develop independent media. Our graduates are empowered to produce cinema cheaply, efficiently, and literally from the palm of their hand.

While we’re impressed with all our undergraduates’ work, we also know high school students have a lot to say. Therefore, we invite you to participate in this short film competition around the theme of transformation. Because we’re living through quite a tsunami of change...cultural, technological, seasonal, emotional, historical...How has this affected you? We would love to know!

Five winners will be selected: one first place and four runners up. The grand prize winner will receive $150, and the runner ups will each win $50.

Award Winning films will be screened on Stony Brook’s campus at a reception hosted by students, faculty, and industry professionals. Family and mentors are welcome to attend.

Contest is open to all current New York high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

In addition to their film, applicants must include the script or written narrative their film was based on, up to 1,000 words. We would love to know what your process was! Please send narratives to stonybrookcontest@gmail.com.

Please include in the above email for your narrative, the name and email contact of a trusted advisor. This can be a teacher, guidance counselor, troop leader, coach, or anyone else who encouraged your participation in this project.

Films must be shot on a cell phone! However, you may use any editing software.

Films must be based on the theme of transformation, but the interpretation is up to you.

Films must not be longer than three minutes.

Award Winning filmmakers will be notified by email by approximately mid April, 2022.
Films must be submitted on FilmFreeway -- it’s free to apply.