Third annual Stareable Fest is a five-day celebration of excellence in web series and independent television brought to you by the largest community of web series creators,

Sponsored by AMC, speakers include Katja Blichfeld (co-creator of High Maintenance), sWooZie (Adande Thorne, YouTube Sensation), Shannon Lee (Cinemax's Warrior), Mel Eslyn (HBO's Room 104), and more. Tickets on sale now!

Over the last two years, we've set up curated 1:1s between our Official Selections and senior execs at:
* Comedy Central
* NBC Universal
* Warner Bros
* 96 Next
* Magilla
* Bustle
* Cowboy Bear Ninja
* NY Post

All Official Selections will be considered for meetings with industry executives as part of the Stareable Fest Marketplace. As the result of our marketplace, our award winners having been acquired by major networks, studios, and platforms.

UPDATE (04/22): AMC Networks has partnered with us to find the best female creators! Read more about our exciting initiative on their blog

UPDATE (06/25): Pitch Competition has been reopened!

How to submit a pitch in 3 steps
* Record a 90 second video of yourself describing your web series idea
* Sign up or log into FilmFreeway and create a new project. Under Edit Project, add a title for your project, and under Project File, upload your pitch video.
* On this page, hit Submit Now. Choose your project, select 90 Second Pitch, and click Add to Cart & Checkout. After payment, your pitch will be submitted!

More details here:

* Comedy
* Drama
* Short Form Comedy
* Short Form Drama
* Unscripted/reality/documentary
* 90 second pitch

Awards for:
* Best of
* Writing
* Acting
* Editing
* Cinematography
* Directing
* Innovation in storytelling, i.e. new media (interactive/transmedia) elements (
* Best Female Creator, sponsored by AMC Networks (learn more here

We only accept streaming, episodic, and English-language (or subtitled) shows. Entries are judged based on the entirety of the submission and selections will be made based on overall quality, not individual episodes.

Official Selections will be screened at Stareable Fest provided that the screener is under 30 minutes in length. Please note that due to COVID-19 concerns, we will be waiving attendance requirements for 2020. Marketplace meetings may be taken in-person or virtually as the situation requires.

By entering your pitch in Stareable Fest 2020, you agree to the terms listed below:

"I am submitting original concepts ("the Pitch") with the intent of exposure and submission to entertainment industry executives ("pitch jury") involved in Stareable Fest (SF)'s pitch event. I understand and agree that only original and unique expressions of a story and/or concepts may be protected under intellectual property (IP) law. I acknowledge that I have requested permission to disclose and submit to SF, and its jury certain details that may or may not be protected under such laws, and it is my own responsibility to seek protection prior to exposure of my pitch by registering those materials with the Writers Guild of America ( ).

I understand that within the creative community of the entertainment industry it is common for similar or identical stories or concepts to be created by multiple entities unknowingly, without collaboration between them. I understand and hold harmless of liability SF and its jury for any prior or subsequent collaborations or productions involving similar or identical stories or concepts unrelated to my disclosure of my pitch and participation in the event."

Overall Rating
  • Julie Pearson

    I was so impressed by the quality of the virtual festival this year - while it was too bad not to be able to gather in person, the organization and communication was top notch all the way through. I had a great time screening my series, THE BOXCAR ADULTS, and was so impressed with the quality of the programming as well as the networking and meeting opportunities. Thanks to Ajay, Sarah, and the whole crew!

    November 2020
  • Sideways Smile

    What a fantastic festival. Stareable had the industry connects and hosted a great festival this year with lots of virtual panels, interviews, and chances for folks to network and meet one another.

    November 2020
  • Jordy Altman

    Even in the midst of a pandemic they curated a very talented group of creators and fostered opportunities for networking and camaraderie.

    October 2020
  • Tom McDonald

    Everyone was super friendly and the networking opps were great and insightful. Only wish covid wasn't happening so I could have made it back to NYC to watch with a live audience :)

    October 2020
  • Misha Calvert

    Great festival, they are VERY passionate about quality digital content and it shows! The other filmmakers were kind and had some truly exciting work to offer.

    October 2020