Stareable Fest, the premier annual indie T.V. and web series festival, is returning to NYC in October 2022, and submissions are open!

Stareable Fest 2021's industry-leading marketplace connected our Official Selections to curated 1:1s with senior execs at:

* AMC Networks
* BBC America
* Blumhouse
* CNN Originals
* Conde Nast
* Disney TV Animation
* Group Nine
* Macro
* Roku Originals
* Stampede
* Topic
* Tubi
* Untitled

We announced Stareable First Look in April 2021, and are now sending our best Genre (sci-fi, fantasy, and horror) projects to AMC Networks each month. []

Since then, we've created a licensing partnership with The Roku Channel, offering mainstream distribution to our indie Official Selections.

Stareable is becoming THE pipeline between indie digital creators and mainstream Hollywood. Maybe that’s why the LA Times identified us as “transforming the industry”? []

More details here:

Awards for:

* Best in Category
* Writing
* Acting
* Editing
* Cinematography
* Directing
* Innovation in storytelling, i.e. new media (interactive/transmedia) elements []

We only accept pilots or episodic series that are English language or English-subtitled.

We have no premiere requirements.

For short-form projects where episodes average <10 minutes, please submit 3 or more episodes. For pilots or long-form projects where episodes average >10 minutes, please submit one or more episodes.

Please only submit your best work - projects are judged based on the overall quality of the entirety of your submission.

Stareable Fest NYC 2022 is currently anticipated to be an in-person physical event but may be virtual as the situation requires. Marketplace meetings will be offered both in-person or virtually. While Stareable Fest NYC will make best efforts to maintain our current plans, we cannot offer refunds if our plans change.

Overall Rating
  • Sonia Sawkar

    This was an amazing experience! Ajay and Sarah were incredibly helpful with coordinating the marketplace meetings. This is more than just a film festival, and I feel incredibly lucky that my film was selected and I was given the opportunity to network with such influential people in the industry.

    May 2022
  • Sarah Michele

    Ajay and Sarah have such a special festival here. We met so many fantastic filmmakers, and the industry meetings were specifically set up for us. The festival was organized and beautifully put together, and the guest speakers were phenomenal. A wonderful experience!

    May 2022
  • Sam Rogers

    Ajay and his team have done such a great job with their festival plus industry link up. Normally festivals just show your work, run an award ceremony and put on panels. Not only has Stareable done this, but they have also crucially set up 1:1 meetings with studio execs from sometimes big platforms that have been personalised and in some cases proved fruitful. This is such a rare opportunity and is worth its weight in gold. Don't even hesitate around submitting!!

    May 2022
  • Adrien Pellerin

    Had the best time at Stareable LA! I love the emphasis Ajay, Sarah, and the whole team have put on creating a marketplace, and connecting creators with industry folks. Thank you for creating such an awesome festival!

    May 2022
  • Valentina Tammaro

    This festival was a remarkable, inclusive, accessible, and career leveling up festival. Ajay, with Sarah and the Stareable team, curated and executed film fest magic, brought panelists and industry executives to meet us upcoming filmmakers, and made it all an effortless, smooth, and elevated experience. This festival has raised the bar, by far. I am in immense gratitude for the wonderful experience I had at Stareable LA.

    May 2022