Stareable Fest is a three day celebration of excellence in web series and independent television brought to you by the largest community of web series creators,

Stareable Fest is half industry marketplace, creating face-to-face connections between independent filmmakers and decision makers at major platforms (last year, we had HBO, Comedy Central, PBS, Warner Bros, Vice, and more), and half creator convention, with workshops and panels about how to be a more effective filmmaker. This isn’t the same old festival, focused on screenings and awards (though we have those).

All Official Selections will be considered for meetings with industry executives as part of the Stareable Fest Marketplace. This is how deals get done.

More details here:

Short Form Comedy
Short Form Drama
90 second pitch

Awards for:
Best of
Innovation in storytelling, i.e. new media (interactive/transmedia) elements (

We only accept streaming, episodic, and English-language (or subtitled) shows.

Official Selections will be screened at Stareable Fest provided that a) a show representative is in attendance and b) the screener is under 30 minutes in length.

By entering your pitch in Stareable Fest 2019, you agree to the terms listed below:

"I am submitting original concepts ("the Pitch") with the intent of exposure and submission to entertainment industry executives ("pitch jury") involved in Stareable Fest (SF)'s pitch event. I understand and agree that only original and unique expressions of a story and/or concepts may be protected under intellectual property (IP) law. I acknowledge that I have requested permission to disclose and submit to SF, and its jury certain details that may or may not be protected under such laws, and it is my own responsibility to seek protection prior to exposure of my pitch by registering those materials with the Writers Guild of America ( ).

I understand that within the creative community of the entertainment industry it is common for similar or identical stories or concepts to be created by multiple entities unknowingly, without collaboration between them. I understand and hold harmless of liability SF and its jury for any prior or subsequent collaborations or productions involving similar or identical stories or concepts unrelated to my disclosure of my pitch and participation in the event."

Overall Rating
  • Adrian Nuno

    This is by far one of the best festivals for web series creators. Lots of great networking opportunities, panels and screenings. Even got to lead a group discussion at one point. Definitely hope I can come back next year!

    August 2019
  • Paul Della Pelle

    Shareable Fest 2019 was a blast. It was very hot in Brooklyn that weekend but the Stareable team went out of their way to make sure everyone was comfortable an taken care of. Great screenings, panel discussions and presentations. Fun "speed networking" the first evening. Would definitely recommend.

    July 2019
  • Alex Fuller

    Stareable Fest is a great mix of expert panels and screenings. It is highly informative for content creators of all kinds. The official selections have high production values, and each screening block is well curated in terms of flow and variety. Great vibe, lots of fun, and who wouldn't want to hang out in Williamsburg for 3 days?

    July 2019
  • Kevin Longa

    Thank you for a wonderful Stareable Fest! I know what it's like to create something large with an über small team. The Stareable team did an amazing job. I can tell that they all truly care about the creators and the content we create, and I can't wait to see where Stareable goes next.

    July 2019
  • Mark Booker

    Genuine and nice as people. Smart and immensely professional as filmmakers. This festival was incredible and is on its way up as being the premiere Web Series/TV Festival.

    July 2019