Squat Betty Avant Garde Film Night is a regular, monthly short film night screening on the last Sunday of the month at The Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green, London.

It’s an hour’s worth of films curated and introduced by award winning comedian and filmmaker Richard Sandling followed by a minimalist/electro/experimental/no wave disco where everyone can hang out and have a drink and chat if they want to.

I’m hoping it will be a welcoming and fun environment for filmmakers to showcase their work to a receptive audience and be a lovely and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

I am hoping the event can help create an inclusive and accessible environment for filmmakers to meet up, hang out and showcase their work so it would be great for filmmakers in and around London to submit work and attend the screenings. But I also welcome and encourage submissions from all over the world and from all disciplines. Student films are also welcome. If it's experimental in some way, I'd love to have it.

*Please note that though the date on this event is for Feb 23rd, this is a monthly event so some successful entries may be screened at a different, future date and filmmakers will be told before this notification deadline has passed if this is the case. This is to avoid missing out on quality work or expecting artists to reapply numerous times. Any questions do get in touch*

For more information please check out http://www.richardsandling.com/sbagfn/

There are no prizes awarded, this is purely a showcase/screening event.

In the first instance please submit a view link to your project/projects via this website. If successful you will be contacted and asked to provide a downloadable link or email a file over for screening purposes as well as a brief introduction to the piece you would like to be read out at the screening.

If you are successful it would be great if you could let people know about the screening event you are part of on social media, but that is not a stipulation.

Having submitted my own work to lots of festivals I have noticed that many of them have a frustratingly large amount of arbitrary obsticles and rules to restrict a film's eligability and I want this to as inclusive and accessible as possibe so I am not going to be picky about theme, subject matter or disciplines. As long as it is experimental in some way it will be eligable.

The only possible issue may be length as I only have an hour per show so anything too long might be tricky to fit in, but don't let that stop you submitting your work.

As the events are monthly and ongoing it may be that it takes a long time to respond but please be patient and I will be in touch as and when I can.

By submitting a project you are giving me permission to screen it at my night. But submitting a project and it being screened at the event does not constitute in any way any type of ownership of the project on my part.

I will be charging a small fee to audiences to recoup the costs of putting the night on. Less than a pint of beer in London (and cheaper if bought in advance). If you are not okay with giving work for free to a paid-entry event then please don't submit your work. The entrance fee does not apply to any filmmakers and their cast/crew who are selected and wish to attend the event.

Overall Rating
  • Great festival. Great people. Recomnmnend.

    October 2020
  • Thank You For accepting my film. ❤️

    March 2020
  • Animated Talk Studios

    Great festival with excellent communication.

    March 2020
  • Luke Billing

    This is an absolutely wonderful festival, brilliantly run, down to earth and great fun. Richard is an excellent host with a great sense of humor and made us feel very welcome. The venue completely complements the films being shown and the vibe of the evening. We will definitely be attending again!

    February 2020