Spring Ding film festival.
Chosen winner and finalists films are played over the last two weeks of May and the winner Memorial Day weekend.
We show the finalists films to our judges/audience and they choose the winners.
Winners shown May 25th.

Non English films MUST have English subtitles.
Remove all advertisements from your submission.****

Below you will find all our contact information.

M. Cates
NuVu Showhouse (we are on Facebook)
Physical address: 209 5th Ave E
US Mailing Address POBOX 436
Metaline Falls WA 99153

Spring Ding 2024
We are actively looking for prize sponsors again this year.
If you would like to sponsor a prize please contact us through film freeway.

Spring Ding 2023

⚜️Overall winner⚜️
Director Sam Quinn
in Horror

⚜️ 2nd Place Over all ⚜️
Director Elizabeth Tillery
in Animation

Spring Ding 2022

1st Place.
Something ain’t Right
Directed by Susan RuthDowns, MD, Alex Voss

2nd Place
Work it Class
Directed by Pol Diggler

Spring Ding 2021 final

⚜️ Over all winner ⚜️
Ross Graham
Council House and Violent

We reserve the right to add $$$ and prizes as sponsors come in.
Grand prize one over all winner.
Laurels to category winners.
(Looking for sponsors for additional prizes is ongoing.)

Finalists judging numbers posted.

It is the responsibility of the film submitter to have accurate information here for us to submit any cash awards through PayPal.

In 2021 we had over 3000 submissions for this festival.

Preferred submissions on YouTube
Vimeo almost always has issues

***No advertisements in, BEFORE OR AFTER THE FILM.
ALL NON ENGLISH FILMS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE SUBTITLES if film or lyrics are not in English.
Minor students must be 17 or under
Students must be 18 to 23 or under for student entry.***

Films must of been completed in the last three years.
Films must of been completed in the last three years.
Films must of been completed in the last three years.

If selected, We also give your contact info to the local paper for the possibility of a interview with you before the showing.
We try to include winners in a final showing and encourage a live video question and answer time with the audience.

AGAIN MUST included English subtitles on any non English films.

Digital one sheet art for your submission.
Trailer for feature length submissions.
A short synopsis of the film to entice the viewers to attend.
Runtime length and credit run time. (Timing When credits start)
Scope or flat
Submitters Email
phone number

Films must of been completed in the last three years.

I know we are repetitive here. Please understand not following our rules or terms can cause you to be disqualified.

Overall Rating
  • I was delighted to win Overall Best short at this festival. I was sad I couldn't be there in person. But Spring Ding looks like a very cute fest organized by some sweet indie film lovers.

    June 2023
  • Thank you so much Spring Ding! The screening in NuVu-Theater - a family-owned little theater (the kind that we all miss so much) was truly an honor. The small town charm of movie theaters and festivals like Spring Ding - ran by its respective passionate owners and organzers - are an inspiration. For me, it is always an honor to be screened in small intimate festivals and spaces.

    April 2022
  • Carlos Velez

    Wonderful experience, thank you for including my film in your festival!

    June 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you. We love what we do.

  • Bisbano David

    muy felices de ser parte de este excelente festival! muchas gracias!

    June 2021
  • Emmet O'Brien

    Delighted to have been part of the festival and appreciated the clear communication !

    June 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you.