In 2017, Bay Area filmmakers Steve Flavin and Sam Haynor wanted to throw a Halloween party in a movie theater. They had no idea what they were about to unleash.

The first annual SPOOKFEST premiered to a sold-out crowd at the historic Roxie Theater in San Francisco: 13 spooky short films on Friday, October 13. We had a costume contest, audience-voted OSCARE awards, and some diabolical prizes. Now, our restless souls are bound to this ritual for all eternity.

Every year, we pride ourselves on curating a diverse lineup, with a range of tones that evoke the Halloween spirit. Films can be horror, fantasy, comedy, sci-fi, or even less conventional genres.

Whether you’re a filmmaker, filmgoer, or just someone who loves the season, there’s nothing in this earthly realm quite like SpookFest. Let's get spooky!

All submissions should be short films under 15 minutes.