In 2017, Bay Area filmmakers Steve Flavin and Sam Haynor wanted to throw a Halloween party in a movie theater. They had no idea what they were about to unleash.

The first annual SPOOKFEST premiered to a sold-out crowd at the historic Roxie Theater in San Francisco: 13 spooky short films on Friday, October 13. We had a costume contest, audience-voted OSCARE awards, and some diabolical prizes. Now, our restless souls are bound to this ritual for all eternity.

Every year, we pride ourselves on curating a diverse lineup, with a range of tones that evoke the Halloween spirit. Always 13 shorts; always one night only. Most importantly, we look for work that explores the "monsters among us," either literal or figurative. Films can be horror, fantasy, comedy, sci-fi, or even less conventional genres.

Whether you’re a filmmaker, filmgoer, or just someone who loves the season, there’s nothing in this earthly realm quite like SpookFest. Let's get spooky!

After the screening, our audience votes for their favorite films in the following categories: "Best In Show," "Best Scare," "Best Humor," and a wildcard award that we update every year (e.g. "Best Use of Fake Blood" in 2017; "Best Twist" in 2019).

Short films up to 10 minutes in duration, either live-action or animation. Genre is flexible, but we usually lean towards horror or “horror-adjacent” genres (sci-fi, fantasy, thriller). Recent work preferred, but not mandatory if we love it. Filmmakers retain all rights to their work.

H.264 or ProRes
HD or 4K
Any frame-rate (24p preferred)

Overall Rating
  • Addison Heath

    We were honoured to be involved with such a professional and frankly brilliant film festival. The organizers are incredibly supportive of the film makers and it was honestly one of the best experiences we have had. We will definitely be entering again in future.

    October 2019