The South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF) is the 'Largest' film premiere destination for South Asian/Indian filmmakers in the United States! SAIFF was founded in New York City due to the lack of support for many emerging filmmakers and the overall underrepresentation of Indian cinema in a capital that is recognized by the world as the birthplace of independent filmmaking! The Festival is committed to exhibiting films from South Asia (i.e India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal) and within the Indian Diaspora. With a focus on dynamic, visionary cinema, SAIFF annually creates unprecedented exposure for filmmakers and unparalleled experiences for its attendees. The 20th year Gala Anniversary Annual South Asian International Film Festival will take place from Wed, April 10- Sun April 14, 2024.

The South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF) is an arts and culture organization dedicated to supporting South Asian/Indian filmmakers in the U.S seeking maximum visibility and absolute distribution.

For more information about the 2024 SAIFF 20th Anniversary, contact us at or 212-465-2665

We're proud to announce this 20th Anniversary 2024 South Asian International Film Festival, a groundbreaking cinematic and entertainment extravaganza, which has already become a landmark event in New York City.

For five (5) exciting days, film lovers, filmmakers, industry professionals and media will attend and watch the very best in new cinema from new talent and acclaimed masters. The week-long event will run from Wed, April 10 - Sun, April 24, 2024. With several Festival Awards, screening locations, a team of high-profile supporters, red carpet premieres, and a slate of top-notch films, the festival will give audiences of all ages and ethnicities a chance to discover new South Asian voices and celebrate established ones.

Kicking off with a feature film premiere and opening night gala, the Festival will present a select combination of full-length films, shorts, and documentaries in a variety of genres. In addition to a retrospective honoring an internationally renowned filmmaker, the Festival will attract new films from the South Asian continent (i.e. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal) and around the World. Annually, the festival is hosted by key influential South Asian leaders and prominent community supporters, the festival will mix in dynamic entertainment, cutting-edge social and professional mixers, and exclusive industry events with its slate of high-quality cinema programming.

The South Asian International Film Festival aims to promote, encourage, and showcase films that reveal all the shades and nuances of the South Asian experience. With its focus on spotlighting emerging filmmakers, SAIFF annually bridges communities, cultures, and generations. The festival intends to put together a diverse slate of films that appeal broadly and embody the dynamic, youthful, cutting-edge spirit which makes our festival so unique.

For the all film categories, we are especially attentive to tight storytelling and rigorous craft. Submissions will be viewed and selected by a programming jury, which includes industry representatives and filmmakers. Applicants will be notified by letter of electronic mail if their work has been selected by March 22, 2024.

In submitting your film, you, as the entrant, must deliver:

-- A fully completed online application at
-- If you choice to print a hardcopy of the application and mail it in, please visit the ‘Submissions’ tab at, where you can click and download the “2023 SAIFF – Application Form” (PLEASE NOTE: You can also click and download “2024 SAIFF – Submission Rules”).
-- Two (2) festival screening copies in DVD (NTSC Format) to the SAIFF office (ALL SCREENERS: DVD’s "WILL NOT" BE RETURNED! Please send us copies to be previewed, which will be destroyed and disposed immediately after the selection process).
-- A fully completed Press Kit via email which is ready to be used for PRINT (All copy must be in text form or MS Word) and WEB (All images must be in JPG). Your Press Kits must include the following in this order:

PRINT (Text Form):
- Premiere Status (CHOOSE ONE: World Premiere, North American Premiere, U.S. Premiere, or N.Y. Premiere)
- Title of the Film
- Country of Origin
- Year of Production
- Running Time in minutes
- Director's Name
- Director’s Bio
- Synopsis Long (150-200 words)
- Synopsis Short (50-75 words)
- Cast names (list all separately per line)
- Accolades (list notable awards or reviews)
- Production company name
- Contact name, full address, email, mobile, and office number
- Students: Please include a copy of your student ID with your application

WEB (Image Form):
- 3 Film Stills (3 minimum/high-res)
- 1 Director’s Photo (color/head shot)
- 1 Film Cover Artwork/Movie Poster (if available)
- 1 Film Trailer (either attach a movie file or provide us with an html code from your server or YouTube to be imbedded directly onto the SAIFF website)

Once you have gather all of the above information and are ready to send us an email, please send your Press Kit materials to us as shown in the example below, so that we can easily identify your email, the category and your film:

From: (you/your company)
Subject: My Film (Feature)


As per your request, please find the following items within my Press Kit to be part of my application:

Thank you,

If your work is selected, you, as the entrant, agree to:

-- I ‘WILL NOT’ withdraw the film from the festival once it is accepted.
-- I ‘WILL NOT’ have another screening of my film in the New York/New Jersey area before SAIFF 2023.
-- I ‘WILL ASSUME’ responsibility for delivering my print or video to the SAIFF office (All 35MM film prints must be shipped in Film Print Canisters Only).
-- I ‘WILL ASSUME’ responsibility for picking-up/shipping my print or video from the SAIFF office after the festival back to my original location or to my next destination. (This is typically for 35MM film prints only!)
-- I ‘WILL DELIVER’ my film to the SAIFF office by March 26, 2024 (PLEASE NOTE: Again, No film can be withdrawn once it is programmed).
--I ‘WILL GRANT’ the festival permission to pull excerpts from the film for all promotional purposes.
-- I ‘WILL PROVIDE’ all the necessary press kit materials to the SAIFF office digitally/via email as identified in the “FILMMAKER SUBMISSION” section above.

Please be sure to read carefully which formats apply when:

All Films screened by the programming committee, before the festival, must:
-- be available in ‘only’ a DVD (NTSC) format
-- must have English subtitles if the original language of the film is not English

All Films selected and finally exhibited, during the festival, must:
-- be available in either 35mm, DigiBeta (NTSC), or HDCAM (NTSC) formats
-- must have English subtitles if the original language of the film is not English

All selected works must be shipped prepaid, in packages clearly marked with the festival's address and sender's return address to the SAIFF office.

SAIFF assumes no responsibility for shipments incurring custom brokerage fees, duties, taxes, terminal charges, or any other fees. We will not accept COD or collect those shipments.

All Prints, Videocassettes, and DVD shipping packages must be clearly labeled with the following (PLEASE NOTE: All 35MM film prints must be shipped in Film Print Canisters Only):

-- Film/video title
-- Production company name
-- Director's name
-- Synopsis
-- Contact name, full address, email, mobile, and office number
-- Running time in minutes
- Statement Letter (separate): "Goods on loan to the festival/event. No commercial value. Non-pornographic."
-- Students: Please include a copy of your student ID with your application
-- In addition – Please do not forget to send Press Kit materials to the SAIFF office digitally/via email as identified in the “FILMMAKER SUBMISSION” section above.

Master Film/Copy:
All Filmmakers must take responsibility of their own delivery and pick-up arrangements of their master print to and from the festival office. This includes all charges associated with shipping, handling, and taxes from and back to its original destination or next destination.

During the festival’s possession, in the case of a loss or damage to a print, SAIFF's obligation is limited to compensating the producer or distributor only the cost of making a new print. SAIFF must be notified of such loss or damage in writing by April 14, 2024.


Overall Rating
  • Radhakrishnan Parthiban

    Our film 'IRAVIN NIZHAL [Shadow of the Night] received a warm welcome, care and support from the South Asian International Film festival programmers and the programming director.

    SAIFF is a great festival to present an author-driven film to cinephile audiences of all sorts. They truly value the indie spirit of their storytellers.

    Communications with the festival staff were very easy and quick.
    Thank you very much to the whole team.

    I highly recommend that you apply to SAIFF and consider attending it when selected. It's magical and a lot of fun!

    Radhakrishnan Parthiban, filmmaker.

    February 2023
  • It was an amazing experience! All the best for the upcoming sessions!

    January 2022
  • SAIFF has been so hospitable and supportive in the premiere of my film! What a great team and what a wonderful concept. I love the fact that they are based on the entire subcontinent and all the countries there including Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet.. all of them! What a wonderful intention they had when they started it over a decade ago to give the entire diaspora a platform! Highly Recommended!

    December 2018
  • Kanakaraj B

    It's a great festival! It is my honor to win the title! #BurmaExpress - The whole team is superb! Their communication is so excellent! Totally, it's a worth festival!

    December 2018