Sound and Music Film Festival Makedonska 21 is taking place in an old Belgrade building dating back to early 20tth century (1928), which is situated on Makedonska 21 street. This was the building of the strongest workers union at the time, founded to promote highly respected values of mutual respect and solidarity. After the Second World War the premises were used by Radio Belgrade as the location of Studio 10, which was the home of most significant radio dramas and music records. This place was responsible for introducing the art of sound to Belgrade listeners and making it an essential part of their cultural heritage, proving itself to be of an immeasurable artistic, cultural, and social significance.

Today, the building is a blend of residential and commercial units. Relying on the building’s rich history, their residents decided to give something in return and contribute to its tradition by starting a film festival that celebrates the art of film music and sound design.

The festival is intended to be a professional networking platform for anyone coming from these fields –film composers, sound designers, sound recordist, music producers, musicians, music bands, to name a few, in order to give them the opportunity to explore, learn, exchange their knowledge and unite ideas.

The building premises allow this event to spread its sound magic on various stages
simultaneously–from the monumental hall with great acoustics, co-working place Impact hub and music store Metropolis located on the ground floor, all the way to the roof top, where people can enjoy films and live music over drinks under the vast Belgrade sky.

The festival welcomes films of all categories – documentary films, short fiction films, experimental films and animated films, as long as they are committed to creative use of their soundscape.

Full length music documentaries are also welcome to the festival which aims to bring to the audience the most interesting and significant film works in past 2 years.

As the Festival is committed to the art of sound in the widest sense, a special programme will screen story-based music videos out of which one will be awarded the best narrative music video.

Films will compete for the following awards:
- best film music
- best sound design
- best directing
- best narrative music video

-In order to submit a film, you must own the rights or have permission from the owner.
-Submitting your film, you authorize the festival to distribute and share the film poster, trailer, synopsis and film stills for marketing purposes in our social media, tv and radio adds.
We do not require premiere status
-All films must have English subtitles.
-All screenings at the festival are free with no ticket charge. We currently do not provide a screening fee.

Overall Rating
  • Great festival, thank you for selecting my short film NATURE ATTACK!

    April 2024
  • Hello! A small rooftop festival in the center of Belgrade. The view from the roof is breathtaking. It was a pleasure to attend this event. I wish you further development and prosperity. Thank you.

    October 2023