Hispanic FilmMakers Of Cleveland in association with Berry Good Films brings to you a contest with an emphasis on social justice. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, the contest will bring together filmmakers and creatives from around the Northeast Ohio area and beyond to express solidarity and encourage interaction and engagement of a multitude of communities.

The contest will bring attention to current social justice concerns in the United States told through the stories and eyes of people living through these events. The contest's focus is to showcase and celebrate the narratives through short films, micro-docs, spoken word with video and music videos.

The Somos Mas Fuerte Juntos~ We Are Stronger Together Contest will highlight work being done to encourage change in the United States regarding social justice. Social justice promotes a culture of equality. Therefore the issues that the contest will and can focus on are police brutality, incarceration, oppression, race and racism, economic disparity, the George Floyd Murder and the subsequent non-stop protesting that has taken place In the United States and around the world.

The Somos Mas Fuerte Juntos~We Are Stronger Together contest will award a cash prize to the winning participants.

Best Project-$1,800
Best Project Directed By A Woman-$250.00


Contest begins June 22, 2020

Final submission Deadline:
July 25, 2020 at midnight

Notification of Winner:
August 28, 2020

All projects must be no longer than 8 minutes and :46 seconds

To be accepted into the competition, your short film must adhere to the rules, read them carefully!
1. The contest is open to all Ohio resident filmmakers, however, should filmmakers from other states wish to be included, they will be permitted to enter
2. All filmmakers are required to submit an entrance fee
3. The entrance fee is 50.00 for regular filmmakers and 25.00 for students-school ID required. Student Waivers can be obtained for those who can provide evidence of financial hardship.
4. All accepted submissions go into preliminary jury screenings, from which they can be shortlisted and selected as finalists.
5. All films will be judged by a panel of 4-5 experienced filmmakers as well as one non-film related judge. Maximum of 7 impartial judges.
6. All submissions will be given a rating based on a five-star scale.
7. By entering the competition, you grant Hispanic FilmMakers of Cleveland the right to host your film on its website and social media in perpetuity for marketing purposes and any other possible venue for viewing related to the 2020 film contest only. Film creators reserve all creative rights to their films outside of Hispanic FilmMakers of Cleveland’s 2020 film contest. Hispanic FilmMakers of Cleveland reserves the right to make changes to the rules before the competition start. All participants will be informed of any changes via email.
8. The competition begins at midnight on Monday, June 22, 2020. The film must be uploaded before midnight on Saturday July 25, 2020.
9. All submissions must be uploaded to FilmFreeway
10. All submissions submitted to Somos Mas Fuerte Juntos short film can be in any language. However, if it is in any other language other than English, English SUBTITLES will be REQUIRED. Subtitles can be added in the video editing program.
11. All submissions must address racial inequalities experienced by the black community, the events related to the George Floyd murder, police brutality, or reactions to the BLM protests. You may submit a short narrative, short documentary, spoken word with images, or music video.
12. All submissions should be between no shorter than 3 minutes but no longer than 7 minutes and 31 seconds. The length of the film is measured from the end of the opening slates to the beginning of the end credits. This way, including the end credits, the maximum total length of your film is 8 minutes and 46 seconds to allow for 60 seconds of credits and 15 seconds of opening. It is also the same amount of time it took for George Floyd to die.
13. All video material used in your short film must be filmed/created withing the 30-day contest time frame. No previously shot video footage should be included. Previously taken still photos may be used if you have cleared any copyright issue. Any previously created still or animated logo of your production company can be used in the beginning of your film, if applicable. Music does not need to be made within the month of the competition. Whatever the origin of your music, each song used in the movie must be listed in your paperwork (release forms). With royalty free music, make sure you get all distribution rights without any geographical, time or channel specific restrictions.
14. A special, additional award will be given to the best film that was directed by a woman or a minority.
15. Judge’s decisions are final and binding.
16. Winners will be announced August 28, 2020.
17. Depending on large group gathering restrictions screenings of the films will be done online, unless a facility with appropriate protocol for Covid-19 are in place. All films will be available for online viewing. However, if an outdoor facility is secured, viewing of the top 10-15 films submitted will be shown at that facility.