Some Prefer Cake is the italian lesbian film festival, created by the lesbian activist Luki Massa, which has been taking place every year in September in Bologna, northern Italy, since 2006. The festival offers an international programming of feature films and short films, of a documentary, narrative and experimental genre, focused on lesbian and feminist stories, themes or looks. It is based on a political vision of cinema and art in general, as expressive and narrative tools capable of supporting visibility, self-determination, empowerment, creativity, connection and community creation of women and lesbians. In addition to film programming, Some Prefer Cake offers performances and readings, meetings with directors, screenwriters and other protagonists of film production, debates, book presentations, exhibitions, DJ sets and parties. The festival awards an audience award and a jury prize for the narrative feature film, documentary feature and short films sections. The Festival is produced by Associazione Luki Massa, a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the exhibition, distribution and promotion of Lesbian media arts.

Short Film Jury award
Short Film Audience award

_ ONLY short films (of any genres) that talk about Lesbianism - intended as sexual orientation, gender position and political practice - are accepted. The film should not have the story of a lesbian relationship as its main focus, but it should tell stories about lesbian women or lesbian-feminist themes such as sisterhood, solidarity between women, the memory and narration of past and present lesbian lives and communities, the fight against gender binarism, the subversion of gender stereotypes, the struggle and alternatives to the patriarchal and capitalist system. SPC means lesbian and feminist practice as an intersectional practice: we also want to tell stories of non-white, non-able and non-cisgender lesbians.

_Short films must have a duration of no more than 35 minutes.

_For Short Movies: all genres of fiction, experimental and documentary films are welcome.

_The registration fee allows us to make a minimum of pre-selection, otherwise we would be invaded by thousands of films that are not inherent to the theme. We regret having to apply this policy but, at the moment, this is the way we found.

_All films will screen with subtitles for accessibility (even those originally in English). Please ensure you submit a captioned version of your film or can create one if your film is selected.

_Please only complete this form if you have the authority or permission to submit this film, and if you have the intention to have your film screened at our festival if it is selected.

Overall Rating
  • Some Prefer Cake Lesbian International Film Festival is an outstanding on-line and in person festival exquisitely managed and produced with deep respect for the artists and their work. Care and diligence is placed in the curation of the film festival with thoughtful film selection. Themes are well presented and lesbian and queer representation is at the heart of the film choice. Lesbian representation is prioritised without alienating other nearby representations of queer life. Communication from the event organisers is professional and respectful. The selected films are outstanding and having attended other festivals, this one is an exemplar of how festivals can be and should be run. This festival has deepened my understanding of film, and opened out my experience of lesbian and queer related themes on an international level. The social events are fantastic with opportunities for filmmakers to gather and network. Some Prefer Cake has enriched my life, screening films from LGBTQ and queer communities not often seen on mainstream platforms. An outstanding film festival in every sense of the word. The venue is wonderful and perfect and this is a well attended festival. The women who organise Some Prefer Cake have a deep understanding of the issues, women filmmakers, lesbian and queer filmmakers face and take extra steps not often seen in the festival circuit to make attending this festival in person affordable. The organisers are absolutely on-it and I would love to attend again. The organisers went out of their way to provide translators for question and answer sessions for those whose first language is English. Every single film was subtitled in English and other languages where appropriate. A signer was present throughout to reach the d/Deaf community. The team are amazing. Thanks for doing this, it's not easy work, but you made it look like it is. Congratulations.

    October 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Helen, your words are so important for our work, you've been generous and very kind. Thanks a lot and please come back soon!

  • Great festival! It was honor for our team to receive Audience Award and Special Jury mention.

    October 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Pavel! It's been an honor ti have your film at the festival. Good luck with your work.