"So You Think You Can Act" is a competition exclusively targeted to recognize the talent of directors, actors and actresses, from around the world.
Directors just submit your finished film, documentary or short.
Actors simply submit their reels or featured movie clips to the competition for consideration of their acting skills in many genres from drama to comedy. Or, for the multi-faceted actor, combination genre clips may also be submitted..

What makes So You Think You Can Act unique from other director and actor-oriented competitions? In order to insure that each submission is studied and rated on an individual basis, SYTYCA has instituted a system to insure that entries do not compete against each other, but instead are recognized for their own individual merits. For all intents and purposes, they compete against themselves: each entry is judged on individual merits and scored on an inherent value system. We want to insure that the judges focus is on you when it is your turn to be evaluated, not on all the other directors or actors that are in cue: this insures that they will not have comparisons going on in their minds when they should be focusing entirely on YOU.

Directors and actors submissions will be judged on FilmFreeway.

SYTYCA will screen selected few top award winning director's films at the WRPN.tv Multi-Festival Events in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. December 3, 2019

Directors will be judged to receive the following awards:
Outstanding Excellence - Excellence - Exceptional Merit - Merit and Kudos.
Top award winning Directors will have their film live screened at our WRPN.tv Multi Festival event at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Actors will be given multiple awards in a variety of genres in the following levels.
AWARDS: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze
Any of the above awards can be combined (or not) with Outstanding Excellence, Excellence, Merit and Kudos
For example:
John Doe, Leading Actor (Finding Mama), Drama, Gold Award:Excellence
Pete Doe, Leading Actor (Timed Poison), Horror, Silver Award:Outstanding Excellence
The number of awards granted at any given level will fluctuate based on the total number of entries received for each competition deadline.
Top award winning actors will have their video clips live screened at our WRPN.tv Multi-Festival event at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Foreign language clips must be subtitled in English
If submitting clips from film performances, they should be from 1 to 10 minutes and these could be a montage of clips.
Monologues should be not longer than 5 minutes
Please do not include monologues in a montage clip.
When submitting a single clip with your performance in a movie, please let us know the film's name and director's name.

DIRECTORS: Your finished film should be entered through FilmFreeway only. If you win a TOP award, we will give you instructions about delivery of screening materials.

The number of awards granted at any given level will fluctuate based on the total number of entries received for each competition deadline.

The competition reserves the right to refuse entries.

Overall Rating
  • Paul de M├ętairy

    Thank you for having awarded my 4 young actors of the feature film "Teenagers"! It's a great recognition or their hard work to face the difficulties of "amateurs" who needed sometimes many rehearsals!

    April 2019
  • Russell Emanuel

    Great festival, thank you for treating us so well with the acting awards for Occupants!

    April 2019
  • Thank you for the prize!

    April 2019
  • Wonderful festival with great communication. So grateful to have been a part of it!

    April 2019