The First Annual Small Time Film Festival is for seasoned filmmakers, first-time filmmakers, and everyone in between. The only requirement is that your video entry is 60 seconds or less and follows this simple prompt:

60 seconds that change the future.

Shoot it on an iPhone. Break out your grandma's 16mm camera. Record a Zoom Call. Film it on an expedition to uncharted places or film it in your bathroom. Inside, outside, with music, without. We don't care. We just want to see your idea come to life.

We will be donating ALL PROCEEDS as well as a match to The Lighthouse Mission a non-profit which has been helping hundreds of people without a home stay fed and warm during this challenging time.

FIRST PRIZE: $250 in your pocket, plus a match to a charity of your choice in your name - PLUS a $250 voucher to rent any gear you want from Bellingham Grip. (If you aren't in the seattle area this can be substituted for a $100 gift card to borrow lenses)

SECOND PRIZE: $100 in your pocket, plus a match to a charity of your choice in your name.

THIRD PRIZE: $50 gift certificate to your favorite restaurant or watering hole. You name it.

And trophies, always trophies.

-Your video submission must be 60 seconds or less.

-Follow the prompt: 60 Seconds that Changed the Future.

Feel free to interpret the prompt however you want. It could be a sci-fi action about saving the world in 60 seconds, or a documentary about how someone's life changed in a minute, or perhaps it's an animated film about a stop-watch that has forever altered the course of your life. All that we ask is you have fun with it. Oh yeah, and make something mind-blowingly awesome.

Overall Rating
  • Grant Oberhansli

    This was a very enjoyable contest! I liked having the 1 minute time frame as that's not a long time to have a solid short film but it makes you think outside of the box to try and tell a compelling story in that time! Overall, great festival!

    April 2022
  • EC Woods

    This festival is small, intimate, and supportive. A great place to network with people involved in various parts of the film making community.

    July 2021