SlimeFest is a summer movie festival focusing on slime-filled horror movies. Blood, guts, and gore, alien ooze, radioactive waste, and anything else slimy - show us what you got! Submissions open soon. SlimeFest 2024 will feature the second annual Slimy Awards and will be held at The Nerd Emporium in Pueblo, Colorado.

SlimeFest will be the new venue for the Slimy Awards. Awards include:

Grossest Movie
Most Horrifying
Audience Choice

And of course, Best Use of Slime

There will be additional prizes created inspired by the individual merits of the entries. Prior awards include Best Kaiju Battle, Best Thriller Set in a Single Room, and Best Scene of Someone Being Killed by Something You Really Wouldn't Expect Them to Be Killed By.

You assert that you have all the rights to music, et cetera in your films, and that we can display them. There are no screening fees.