This is an opportunity to view horror and sci-fi films already well-known and those created by up and coming stars. Visitors have the opportunity to meet various stars and directors. Past participants have included Patrick Rea, Todd Sheets, Courtney Gaines, Dee Wallace, Adrienne Barbeau, and the cast from Halloween to name a few.

The short film showcase will feature the best short horror/sci-first films from around the world.

As of now, feature film screenings at Slash and Bash are currated, but the Slash and Bash Short Film Showcase will be open for submissions.

Criteria for the Slash and Bash short film showcase are as follows:

Must be a film of 15 minutes or less in the horror, sci-fi or related genre.

Must not be currently distributed as a part of a larger anthology film.

Must be the original material of the filmmaker(s) with all necessary clearances (including music) in place. Filmmaker releases Slash and Bash Film Fest of all liability regarding copyright/intellectual property claims by representing that the work is theirs and that ALL necessary rights have been cleared.

Make us scream, make us laugh, shock us, give us nightmares and show us something new!

Overall Rating
  • We were notified of our acceptance a mere three days before the festival date, which makes any plans to travel nigh impossible. Needless to say, we were unable to attend.

    August 2021
  • Michael Fausti

    Excellent communication throughout. The team really know what they are doing. Well worth considering. Will definitely be submitting my future projects.

    February 2020
  • Michael Trainotti

    Was unable to attend but the team was very accommodating with excellent communication. Thank you for allowing us to participate and we look forward to joining you in the future!

    November 2017
  • Very good comunication and amazing staff :) I couldn't go to the home of the brave, france is to far , but really happy to have been screened over there :)

    October 2017
  • This festival is way too awesome! Keep up the good works

    October 2017