In an effort to support the Wilmington, NC skateboarding community, Friends of Wilmington Skateparks will be hosting the second annual Fall Skate Film Festival at Satellite Bar & Lounge! We invite skaters and filmers from all over to submit their footage for a chance to have it premiered at the festival!

Films are typically anywhere from 5 minutes to one hour in length! For serious films, or if you want anyone to know what you're saying, we HIGHLY recommend subtitles!

Filming starts NOW! Grab your friends and start making clips this summer! No length requirement! Feel free to submit any skate related footage! Could be a drama, the next “Fully Flared”, or just some fun short clips!

Content Guidelines:
We encourage skaters and filmers to submit skateboarding footage that is suitable for a family audience. Avoid including slams or content that may be too intense or inappropriate for a family movie night.
Ensure that your footage aligns with the values of respect, positivity, and fun.

Film Submission:
Submissions must be skateboarding-related footage.
There is no specific length requirement. You can submit short clips, a complete skate film, or anything in between.
Feel free to submit various styles of content, including dramas, creative narratives, or fun and energetic clips.

Submission Process:
All submissions must be received by the specified deadline.
To submit your footage, please use the designated submission platform or method specified on the Fall Skate Film Festival website.
Make sure to follow the instructions provided for proper formatting and file size limitations.

Ownership and Rights:
By submitting your footage, you affirm that you own the necessary rights to the content or have obtained the appropriate permissions.
You retain ownership of your footage but grant Friends of Wilmington Skateparks and the Fall Skate Film Festival the right to showcase and promote your work during the festival. A copy of your film may be added to a DVD and sold for distribution to help support our annual event. All proceeds will go to the Friends of Wilmington Skateparks nonprofit organization.

Technical Requirements:
Footage should be submitted in a high-quality format suitable for public screening.
Preferred video formats include .mp4, .mov, or .avi.
Ensure that the audio is clear and free from copyright infringements.

Selection and Premiere:
The Fall Skate Film Festival organizing committee will review all submissions and select the films to be premiered at the festival.
The selected filmmakers will be notified by the provided contact information before the festival.
Premiere screenings will take place at Satellite Bar & Lounge during the Fall Skate Film Festival.

Code of Conduct:
All participants, including skaters, filmers, and festival attendees, are expected to uphold a respectful and inclusive atmosphere.
Discrimination, harassment, or any form of disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
Help us create a positive and stoked environment for everyone to enjoy.

Have Fun!
The main goal of the Fall Skate Film Festival is to celebrate skateboarding and the creativity of the skate community.
Remember to have fun and enjoy the process of filming and sharing your passion for skateboarding!

Overall Rating
  • Thank you for selection "My Day in Kyiv in Summer 2022" to the festival programme! Thank you very much for your support of Ukraine!

    November 2023
  • Awesome festival staff and a great selection of films.

    December 2022