The !nterrupters presents: Love, Desire & Relationships, an exploration of Intimacy and Sexual identity in the modern world.

With three successful festivals under our belt as SISSSY FILMS, The !nterrupters are proud to be launching a new regular film night 'INTERR- FILMS which aims to explore different political and social topics using Experimental Films, Live Art and Q+A's with guest speakers and psychologically engaging open forums.

This series will aim to examine Love, Desire and Relationships looking at the different aspects of intimacy in a technological world, as well as exploring the subject of sexual Identity in gender and cultures and evaluate the evolution of modern day relationships.

We are now open for submissions and looking for short experimental films (narrative films will also be considered) which explore desire in it's many forms and society's impact. Films which will be considered will delve deep into the expression of love and intimacy in the modern day and highlight the Cultural differences, the spectators perception through art and media and the Political influences throughout our time. Films can vary in format/ genre.

The !nterrupters are a collective of performers, artists and creative thinkers that use their craft to challenge thought and promote understanding. We run events as an arts and performance platform and work by interrupting the way people think and act through multiple avenues. Events range from panel discussions, live talks, film screenings, exhibitions, political art, workshops + more.

Films must be 10 mins or under and either be in English or with English subtitles

The winning films will be showcased as part of The !nterrupters new film night where live talks and performance art meets avant- garde short films.

We aspire for films to be as diverse as possible so looking for submissions which explore Love, Desire and Relationships through multiple lenses in gender, race and sexuality.

The interrupters is focused on celebrating the best in art and culture from around the world.

The winning films will be screened by the interrupters at our launching film night and filmmakers will be invited for a psychoanalyses and discussion with audience.

To ensure all aspects are explored the selection will be diverse as possible showing different expressions of Love, Desire and intimacy through the lenses of different genders, races and sexuality's.

All films must be 10 mins or under, be in English or have English subtitles and have a central theme which explores the desire.

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