Submissions open for films, screenplays, and film trailers in any genre. Submissions are evaluated on their own merit rather than compared to others in the same genre.


We are all about helping aspiring film-makers and screen-writers get straightforward and unbiased opinions on their work.

All submissions will receive a score card that shows the average jury rating on a scale of 1-10. Submissions are judged on various aspects such as Plot, Characters, Dialogue, etc... Members of our jury will also jot down short notes about anything that stood out to them.

For those who desire much more in-depth critique on their films or screenplays, we also offer a Comprehensive Notes option in our submissions. Comprehensive Notes are generally done by a professional outside of the regular jury pool and are between 1-5 pages depending on the length of the project. These notes will not include a lengthy synopsis of your submission that eats up page space. (We think it’s safe to assume that you already know the story). Instead, they will focus in on any trouble areas, make suggestions on anything that may be able to be corrected in post (yeah… we know how that sounds!) and also give a general critique.


We know it can be tough to get honest feedback on scripts and films, which is why we don’t have any restrictions on films that have been self-distributed and released on YouTube, Amazon, Vimeo, etc… There are also no restrictions on when the film was made or the screenplay was written.

Winning projects will NOT be shown online to the public.

All submitted projects will receive a score card with the averages from the jury pool along with any short notes given by the judges.

Winners in the following categories* will receive digital laurels.


Winners for the over-all Best Screenplay and Best Film will receive both digital laurels and physical trophies. (Trophies are mailed to recipients free of charge.)

* If there are not enough entries for a proper competition in any of the film or screenplay categories, the submissions will be pooled together since all projects are judged on their own merit regardless of length for awards. In the event of a shortfall in the Film Trailer category, the film-maker will be given a free waiver to enter their trailer into the next season’s competition.

Please read all of the policies and rules below. Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified, so please ask any questions before submitting.

All completed submissions will receive a jury scorecard that represents the average star-rating score given by all members of the jury for various aspects and any corresponding notes at the end of the judging period before winners are announced. These are sent electronically, so please make sure that your email address on FilmFreeway is correct. (NOTE: Any submissions that are withdrawn will not be eligible for scorecard and/or feedback.)



All entries must be in English (or have English subtitles).

There are no "created by" time frame restrictions on films or screenplays.

There are no premiere or release restrictions on films. However, all screenplays must be un-produced and not under option at the time of the competition.

Submissions from previous years are accepted, as long as they did not win. Previous winners may enter a different project.

No works-in-progress will be accepted.

All submissions must be original works, no adaptations unless adapted from the film-maker’s own original story/novel or from a work that is the public domain.

Films may not include real violence toward humans or animals.

No pornography.



In the spirit of fairness to all, we do not offer student discounts or hardship waivers for the submission fees.

FILMS & TRAILERS - Only a director or producer may submit a film or trailer. The director/producer with the submission of the film affirms that he/she has all the copyrights of audio, video, images and music of the film or rights to the story and he/she remains responsible before the law.

SCREENPLAYS - Only the writer may submit. In the case of multiple writers, only one need to submit but all authors must be credited on the entry. The writer with the submission of the screenplay affirms that he/she has all the rights to the story and he/she remains responsible before the law.

Multiple submissions are accepted, but each must be submitted with a separate fee. There are no discounts for multiple submissions.

Submissions are evaluated by a panel of compensated judges and are scored on their own merit. The jury decisions regarding the winners are final and may not be disputed.

Submissions that include Comprehensive Notes understand that this critique service is done by a compensated professional in the industry and that the results from this service may not be disputed or refunded. The notes are designed to focus in on any problem areas of a project in order to help the submitter, and anything pointed out should not be taken personally.

All entries must be sent via FilmFreeway. Please DO NOT send DVDs, BluRays, or any downloadable files to us directly.

Submission fees must be in U.S. dollars. These fees are non-refundable, even in the case of disqualification or withdrawal of an entry. There are no exceptions to this policy. Films that do not follow the rules will be disqualified, so please ask any questions before submitting.

You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any claim made by you or any third party due to or arising out of project(s) you submit to this contest. You understand that there are thousands of writers and film-makers and the similarities in story, plot, characters, etc... of two or more films are certainly a possibility. The contest directors and judges will not knowingly share your submission with any third party without your permission.

Overall Rating
  • Veronica Small

    Thank you so much for such a nice opportunity to have my short in your festival!!!

    January 2022
  • Kassy Mahea

    Siren by the Sea was a thrill to be a part of. They were very communicative, and gave valuable feedback which was so refreshing. I am definitely grateful I submitted. They also sent a physical trophy which was such an unexpected honor.

    January 2022
  • Great communication. Love that they send out scorecards to assess your script. Thank you so much for picking The Tenets of Fear as a finalist!

    January 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you! We hope that you found the scores useful.

  • Siren by the Sea is a wonderful festival. They are great to communicate with if you have questions and give constructive feedback. As someone only twelve years old I am honored that Siren by the Sea selected my short screenplay "Ashes". You should definitely enter this festival, it has great people to communicate with and helpful feedback.

    January 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for the kind words! We were very impressed with your script and look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

  • Glenn Lissner

    Super honored that they liked my screenplay. Everything as advertised. Professional and responsive. Also, there are some contests that use awards like trophies as a side hustle to make money by requiring that you pay for it out of pocket. Not Siren. They just wanted my address. Now that makes me feel like a winner. Thanks.

    January 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you! We're always thought that the idea of making winners pay for their trophies was insane. You should feel like a winner with your excellent screenplay!