Make an award-winning film in under 8 minutes. Seriously, do it!

Announcing the Sixth Annual Single-Take Challenge, celebrating the short "One-Shot" film. The most fun you'll ever have making a movie.


Brand new, genuine one-take films only. Any genre, any length up to 8 minutes maximum.

Each film submitted must be a single, continuous take film. NO cuts or hidden cuts, NO editing (other than sound, color correction, titles etc.). As this is a "Challenge", the more creative the film, the better. The winning films will be the ones that have the most "WOW!"

Prizes: A beautiful Grand Prize trophy for Best Film. Additional trophies for Most Entertaining Film and Extraordinary Cinematography. Audience Favorite award, determined by poll. Best "Making Of" award. Special awards may be presented depending upon submissions and circumstances.

What counts most in this contest is originality, creativity, imagination, and the ability to surprise.

Cutoff Date: Midnight, August 15, 2021.

Finalist films will be submitted to the judging panel for trophy nominations. ALL qualified entries will be shown online the weekend of October 8-10, 2021 and are eligible for the Audience Favorite award.

Admission fee: $20 per film through 6/15/21, $25 through the final deadline 8/15/21.

NEW FOR 2021: We will show *ALL* qualified entries during our online weekend event, and *ALL* qualified films will be eligible for the Audience Favorite award (determined by poll). We are working to have a live theater screening of the Finalist films as well.

"Best Making Of" award. If you have the resources, consider filming "the making of" your single-take entry. These Making Of films will also be single take films. We want to see who and what was involved in pulling off your movie. SUBMIT YOUR "MAKING OF" FILM SEPARATELY via email to There will be no additional fees to submit your "Making Of" film.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Films must be NEW and original films. To ensure that your film has been created specifically for this event, you will be asked to include a certain item in the film. READ RULES & TERMS BELOW FOR IMPORTANT DETAILS

Grand Prize trophy for Best Film. Additional trophies for Most Entertaining Film and Extraordinary Cinematography. Audience Favorite award, determined by poll. Best "Making Of" award. Special awards may be presented depending upon submissions and circumstances.

READ THIS FIRST - VERY IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS! Before you create your film, the item which must be in EVERY film submitted is.. "a Bicycle". The Bicycle does NOT need to be an important part of your story (and is not part of the judging), but you DO have to SHOW a bicycle -or- have a character SAY the word "bicycle" at some point in your film (in any context). It can be a poster with a bicycle, it can be a toy bicycle, etc. etc. WHEN YOU SUBMIT YOUR FILM, notify us when "bicycle" occurs in your film (example: "the female spy character says the word bicycle at the 2:13 mark in the film" or "a bicycle can be seen riding in the background at the 4:21 mark").

And of course, each film submitted must be a single, continuous take film. NO cuts/hidden cuts, NO editing (other than sound, color correction, titles etc.) NOTE: EFFECTIVE with the 2020 Challenge - NO "speeding up" or time compression of the films. All films must be shot and shown in real-time.

Any questions - email us at

Now you're ready to get started. After planning out your film: 1) shoot your film, any length up to 8 minutes long max including credits. Don't forget to show or say the clue "bicycle" in there somewhere! 2) Submit your film on this website. Enter by June 15, 2020 for the discounted rate of only $20. 3) Tell us where we can see or hear the clue "bicycle" in your film.


Now for the fine print:


1. Films must not exceed 8 minutes in length, including credits.
2. All non-English language films must have English subtitles or no dialogue.
3. A separate entry fee is required for each submission.
4. Submissions may NOT be withdrawn from the Festival once they have been entered, except at the sole discretion of the Festival.
5. All selected films may be excerpted (up to 2 minutes) for publicity purposes. Films submitted agree to be aired on Tampa Bay Entertainment and Education Network television and/or other venues.
6. After selection, notification letters will be sent electronically: please provide an email address.
7. Films are to be submitted via this web page unless specifically approved by the Festival.
8. Projects MUST be completed specifically for this Festival.
9. Filmmaker MUST have proper license to all copyrighted music, video, and images projected in their short film.
10. By entering the Challenge, you agree to abide by the rules. Films that are determined to have used FX to achieve the impression of single take will be disqualified.

As we have no real way to prove whether entrants' films are true single-takes, we are relying upon the honor system. By submitting your film, you are attesting to the fact that your film was shot in one single, continuous take with no cuts or edits.


Overall Rating
  • Alexandros tsilifonis

    Highly recommend it! The Single-take challenge gave me a great incentive to work on something different and I think all filmmakers should try it our once and a submit a film there.

    The selection of films in 2020 was great and I was very glad to be part of it. Cheers to Mark Troy and the rest of the organizing team for making this a great experience.

    January 2021
  • Mark and the staff at the Single-Take Challenge go above and beyond to spotlight emerging filmmakers, provide a platform for their team’s work, and engage with participants and fans on social media. They were quick to respond to my questions regarding rules and the submission process AND even sent out congratulatory coffee mugs to all finalists in the 2020 Single Take Challenge. Thank you Mark and STC staff!

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much and best of luck to you!

  • Scott Newman

    The Single-Take challenge is a festival like no other. They are on to something, something big. As Godard said, "I just improvise with the camera". Well this festival allows you to do that and let me tell you this could be the future of film making. We had a great experience with the festival from start to finish. Mark the festival director is a great communicator and you always know what's happening. It's inclusive and fun, and you feel as though you're part of an instant community once you're done shooting your film. The biggest bonus is you'll learn a new style of shooting I think it will open up a lot of creative options to add to the repertoire of your filmmaker going forward. Thank you Mark for making our fall and thanks to the team at The 2020 Single-Take Challenge. We'll certainly be back.

    October 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you and we're looking forward to your next film!

  • Anna Maria Cianciulli

    I believe the best film festivals out there are those where a filmmaker feels some kind of human and personal attention, not the usual nameless team responses. This is the vibe I got from Mark Troy, the festival director of Single-Take Challenge. Soon after I submitted my film he wrote me an email with an important question about the film, which meant that he  saw it... and to me that he truly cared: not a small thing. All through the process, his approach has communicated a genuine passion and respect for the art of filmmaking, and I feel like he is growing this project with lots of love, expertise, and integrity (we also got refunded because the festival had to be held on line) which is all that it is needed for it to become bigger and bigger. The selection of the films has mirrored this vibe. Words like art and poetry come to mind... So, filmmakers, if you have a single shot film you care about, this is the film festival that will honor all your efforts. Cheers to that! Thank you, Mark!

    October 2020
    Response from festival:

    *Picture a giant heart, here* Thank you for those very kind words. And love right back to you!

  • Michael Mastin

    this was the first time I had participated, not only in this festival, but in a completely virtual festival. They really did a great job with communicating any needs they had from the filmmakers.

    October 2020