WELCOME to Short of the Month's July 2017 Online Short Film Festival.

'Short of the Month' hosts monthly 'Online International Short Film Festivals'. We, at Short of the Month, aim at bringing out the best short films from around the globe and to present it all on one single platform which is our website.
Short Of the Month's library has some very remarkable award-winning short films from across the globe.
Short of the Month not only presents a short film but also undertakes its promotion. Yes, a good film deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. We've been keenly indulged in promoting short films, trailers and posters using our personalized advertising system which runs across the website.
So submit your short film now & if we find it worthy then you not only win awards but also get a chance to get your film advertised with Short of the Month.

We have awards for the following categories

1) Short of The Month (Best Film Award)
2) Best Comedy
3) Best Drama
4) Best Director
5) Best Actor (Male)
6) Best Actor (Female)
7) Best Editing
8) Best Cinematography
9) Best Original Background Score
10) Best Animated Short
11) Best Music Video
12) Best Documentary
13) Best Poster Design
14) Viewers Choice Award (most viewed/liked/shared film on the website)

All the winners name will be listed on our website for lifetime. All the winners will receive a certificate signed by one of our jury members.

*Short of the Month (Best film Award): Promotion of the film (Exclusive advertisement, video and image ads will be placed across the website) + An online interview with the director will be conducted which, later, will be published on our website.

When it comes to Short films, we don't follow any set of strict rules. Send us the youtube/vimeo link of your short film. We accept all sorts of short films of any genre in any language. We accept submissions from around the globe. Just few general points which we want you to look into before you click the submit button.

1) All short films must have subtitles in English *(only if the film's original language isn't English)

2) Short film submitted in the 'Regular submission' category should not exceed the time limit - 10 minutes (including opening and end credits)

3) Short film submitted in the 'Premium submission' category should not exceed the time limit - 20 minutes (including opening and end credits)

4) Short film submitted in the 'Premium Plus submission' category should not exceed the time limit - 30 minutes (including opening and end credits)

5) Short film submitted in the 'Premium Ultra submission' category should not exceed the time limit - 40 minutes (including opening and end credits)

6) After a film has been selected and the filmmaker is notified, the film will be listed on the festival web site under official selections for lifetime. Irrespective of whether it wins any awards or not.

7) The core criterion which we use to select a short film solely depends on its story. Yes; we believe that films are made to tell interesting stories. Short films, on the other hand, have that power to tell that story in lesser duration compared to the big length films. So yes; we select films based on its story. The storytelling medium is something we further look into if we find the story interesting.

8) For more payment options you can visit our website : http://www.shortofthemonth.com/submit/

9) Read our FAQ here - https://shortofthemonth.freshdesk.com/solution/categories

10) By submitting your film, you agree to our "Quality Guidelines" and "Terms of Service" which can be found here:

Overall Rating
  • Sara Eustáquio

    Almost one year after the submission, no replies to all the several messages sent. No reviews, no official selection, actually no signs of a festival. But thanks anyway for selecting my film to be considered.

    February 2017
  • Leo Feisthauer

    Can't really tell anything, still no official selection/winners online and no replies to mail. But thanks anyways for selecting our film! Cheers!

    February 2017

    Thanks for the selecting our film into your festival.

    January 2017
  • Kunal Mohite

    Still they not announce the result for the month of Aug.2016 or no update from there website

    October 2016
    Bg logo laurel low square
    Response from festival:

    Hi Kunal,

    We've updated you regarding our August Festival via email. Hope you've received it.

    Thank you. :)

  • Manoj Murali

    Got an update that my film is selected but they did not follow up to any of my queiries after that. I could not see my film in their website database and I did not receive a laurel. I dropped emails, requested through their online chat and also gave an inbox message in facebook but no one ever followed up. Horrible experience. Will never submit another project to this team and wont recommend it to anyone..

    October 2016