SHORTCUTZ consists of regular sessions of short films screenings, with free entry, that take place at informal venues located in the most exciting urban circuits and with the presence of the authors to present their work and answer questions from the audience.

The relaxed and close proximity environment boosts networking and discussion among professionals, amateurs, students, film lovers and the general public.

More than just a simple short films screening, each SHORTCUTZ session is an urban celebration of creativity and artistic sharing.

Our sessions in Lisbon take place in one of the most charismatic old neighbourhoods and every Tuesday night, at the renowned bar "O Bom O Mau e O Vilão" you have the opportunity to watch at least three short films, meet our special guests and get to know all about new emerging projects, always presented by their production teams.

Dialogue is encouraged, so the audience is welcome to ask questions and comment on what is screened. No problem if you are shy, you can do all this while sipping on a glass of red wine!

Two of these short films have been submitted to our competition and every month our jury will chose that month’s “Best Short Film”.

Every year we have our own awards ceremony where more than 17 categories are distinguished, it has been said to be one of the city’s most exciting nights.

* All films must be related to PORTUGAL *

For our competition short films cannot be older than two years nor be longer than 15 minutes. Also, the short film must be related to Portugal in some way – someone from the team, shooting location, etc.

It is mandatory that the short film is presented by someone from the team.

(If you are not sure you comply with the rules, drop us an e-mail.)