Shonie Delarosa
Shonie produced and directed the documentary film “G Methamphetamine on the Navajo Nation”. The film focused on the devastation methamphetamine had on the Navajo people and brought to light how huge the problem was on the Navajo Nation. The film won the “Best Public Service” award at the prestigious American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco, CA and eventually led the Navajo Nation Council to pass a resolution making the use, possession or manufacturing of methamphetamine on the Navajo Nation illegal.
In 2006, Shonie and his wife Andee began their first feature film Mile Post 398. Produced entirely on the Navajo Nation and utilizing an all Navajo cast, crew and musical score. This was a first for any film produced that dealt with Navajo subject matter. The film has received many awards and is extremely popular among the Native American population of North America.
Shonie has also produced & directed numerous short films & music videos throughout his film career. Many of them have gone on to win multiple awards within the film festival circuit.
Shonie also worked alongside Navajo Nation Council Delegate Edmund Yazzie to pass the Navajo Nation Unauthorized Recording Act, thus making unauthorized reproductions of copyright DVDs and CDs illegal on the Navajo Nation.
Chris Kientz
Chris Kientz is an American/Canadian writer, animator, television producer, director and educator. He has worked on a number of reality TV and children's television series but is perhaps best known for his ongoing work on the award-winning Canadian/American television series, Raven Tales. His animation has also appeared at the Smithsonian Institution as well as animation festivals worldwide. He is board member of Kids First!, a children's media advocacy organization and the 2009 winner of the Kids First! PalmerVision award.
He is also known as a writer for a 56 book series based on First Nation's trickster stories, written along with David Bouchard. He worked closely with Tribal Elders in the creation of these books for Scholastic. He is currently writing a history based series for the Smithsonian Institution called Secret Smithsonian. He also continues his work in program development, specifically for healthcare, coordinating project design and business development, as well as concentrating on research of new methods of digital distribution of media and interactive systems including VR.
As an educator he worked at the Creative Media Institute at New Mexico State University to develop and implement the CMI animation program, including fund raising efforts and development of the animation curriculum and admission process. In addition he is a senior consultant for National Geographic, working with the All Roads Film Project as a fundraiser and project judge to ensure that children of under represented minorities receive media based educational materials and media training.
He has written articles and textbooks on digital media and applications for digital media in entertainment, education and distribution.
In addition he has done notable work on the research and development of interactive content for defense based security training as a program manager at the Training and Doctrine Command Analysis Center at White Sands Missile Range. His work at Los Alamos and Sandia Labs included early VR and AR approaches to training and visualization.
He formerly served on the New Mexico Governor's Council on Film and Media Industries to advise on digital media and tax incentives for media production and post production.
Best Live Short
AH-HOS-TEEND - "Retired"
42nd Annual American Indian Film Festival
San Francisco, CA
Achievement in Film Making
AH-HOS-TEEND - "Retired"
2017 L.A. Skins Fest
Los Angeles, CA
Best Actor
Mile Post 398
Talking Stick Film Festival
Santa Fe
Best Drama & Best Screenplay
Mile Post 398
Tulalip Film Festival
Best Narrative Feature
Mile Post 398
Fargo Film Festival
Best Supporting Actor
Mile Post 398
American Indian Film Festival
San Francisco
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