Shifran Khan is an Award-Winning Indian actor who made his first International lead debut in the film Hope In Hollywood (2021). He is a Mumbai Based actor who was born on 25 November 2000 to a Muslim Family in Madhya Pradesh. From his early teenage years, he was in liaison with theatre and local production houses and have appeared for his first cameo role in the movie Tapish (2018) which was produced by Orange Horse Entertainment. Hope In Hollywood (2021) was his first International short motion picture which was primarily aimed at US and UK audience featuring the dark side and struggles of the glamour industry, Which was sponsored by Orange Horse Entertainment.
High School
HR college
Mass Media
Birth Date
November 25, 2000
Current City
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Shifran Khan full name is Shifran Ahmad Khan.
Books, Hollywood films, travel ,.
Shifran Khan was a school topper with 93 per cent in the CBSE board.
Because of his love for Cinema he took Mass Media in HR College.
Shifran Khan was quoted as "The only choice to play Zerik In hope In Hollywood " by award-winning writer Imran A Khan.
Shifran Khan is also the founder of Shifran Productions.
" Only thing not possible with me is 'not possible' "