2022 SHISW Short Awards September Winners

2022 SHISW Short Awards September Monthly Official Selection

* Monthly Winners will be selected into SHISW's annual nominations list.
* Monthly Honorable Mention works selected to SHISW annual Nomination list.

Entries submitted for the SHISW Short Film Awards from September12/2022 will be counted in the next month (November)。


Shanghai International Short Week


SHISW is an international art exhibition of creative short films.

SHISW is an Internet community platform for young creators to show their talents, improve themselves, advance their careers, find partners, share their lives and gather their ideas.

SHISW provides a platform and method for the new generation of young artists to advance their professional fields.

We have the SHISW Short Film Awards,Film Critics Competition,Writing Contest,Short film @ Music Lab,Artist Short Creation Program,Creation community.

SHISW will hold screenings in Shanghai / Beijing/USA.

NFT technology: use NFT digital collection authentication technology to develop and enhance the social value and market value of creative short film art.

SHISW Short Film Award

* Winning films will be sent to international film festivals.

* Winners will be invited to judge the next SHISW Shanghai Short Film Awards.

* Winners will be invited to submit new film projects, which will receive incubation support from SHISW. Incubation includes film prophase planning, market analysis, positioning, writer, producer, filming money, support resources, dispersing pertains plan custom, push the international film festival, etc. SHISW will co-produce the new film.

* SHISW will conduct interviews for the winners and the films. The interviews will be published and promoted on SHISW's official website and various online media.let more filmmakers to know you and your films.

Best International Narrative Short Film
Best International Documentary Short
Best International Experimental Short
Best International Animation Short

Best International Regional Culture Short
Best China Regional Culture Short
Best Minority Short
Best Kung Fu Short
Best Video Art
Best Mobile phone Short
Best Student Short

Best Producer
Best Director
Best Screenwriting
Best actor
Best Cinematography Director
Best Action Director
Best Art Director
Best Editing Director
Best Visual Effects
Best Original Score
Best Sound Design
Best Costume Design

Certificate(electronic version) : Nomination ; Award Winner;Laurel Crown

SHISW short film award
The selection is held every two months and the winners are selected for the annual finals。

1. Narrative Short,Documentaries Short,Experiment Short,Experiment Short,Video Art, Animation
2. Completion Time: Works created after 2018
3. Duration: within 30 minutes (including 30 minutes)
4. Format requirements: 1080P/2K/H.264/Within 5G
5. Language English subtitles
If you have 4 k version please keep used in offline screening.

Short Panorama:
1. Participation is through registration and selection and direct invitation from the organizer.
2. Narrative Short,Documentaries Short,Experiment Short,Experiment Short,Video Art, Animation
3. Completion time: Works created after 2012
4. Within 70 minutes.
5. Format requirements: 1080P/2K/ H.264/Within 10G.
6. Language English subtitles
If you have 4 k version please keep used in offline screening.

Submitted works must Confirm that you agree to authorize:

1.By submitting your works to the exhibition, it means that the applicant agrees to accept all the rules and regulations of SHISW organizing Committee. Once the applicant formally submits his/her application, he/she shall not withdraw the selected work for any reason. Registration should confirm that the submitted works have complete intellectual property rights, and the entries will not infringe on the rights of portrait, reputation, privacy and other legitimate rights and interests of any third party. In case of any legal disputes caused by the entries, the applicants themselves will bear all legal liabilities. The SHISW exhibition committee rejects any work that might conflict with Chinese law or ideology.

2. If all individuals and units sign up for this short Film Week, it will be deemed as granting the SHISW Organizing Committee the right to perform and broadcast in all authorized shows. The full version of the video, clips of the work, still frame images, Chinese/English subtitle copies, and promotional flowers of the entries can be used for the SHISW Organizing Committee's promotional activities of this short Film Week and subsequent related exhibition activities. Including being reported by news media, broadcast, production of promotional brochures, book special publication and publication, TV, network, mobile media and other new media special publicity exhibition column.

3. The organizer and the organizing Committee have the right to use the names and portraits of the applicants and relevant rights holders of the short films for promotional purposes. The organizer has the right to save the shortlisted films for publicity, screening and international cultural exchange.

4.The author of the short film agrees to authorize the organizer and the organizing Committee as one of the brokers to negotiate the international exhibition, overseas publicity and promotion, and global copyright sale and distribution of the works. The director of this work agrees to authorize the organizer and the organizing committee of this event as one of the agents to negotiate with the director of film and television and related business work. SHISW organizers and organizing Committee have the right to interpret the selection, exhibition and selection rules of SHISW works.