Sguardi Altrove International Women's Film Festival, now in its 28th edition (22-30 October 2021), has as its main purpose the reflection on contemporary themes, in particular related to the world and to the artistic creativity of women, although always in a perspective of comparison with the male universe

Always present in the places symbol of the culture and art of Milan, "Sguardi Altrove International Women's Film Festival" offers the public quality films often in national or world premiere, and flanks works of different languages, expanding the 2021 annual theme, “Next generation, (post) pandemic and resilience. Women's vision on cinema of the future”.

Due to the Pandemic situation, the 2021 edition will be both in attendance and in an online version.

The Festival is separated in 3 competitive categories:

- Nuovi Sguardi: International competition feature films and documentaries directed by women – Cinema Donna 2021 Award
- Sguardi (S)confinati: International competition shorts directed by women - Talent Under 35 Award
- #FrameItalia: Italian competion, features and documentaries, not exclusive to female filmmakers - Audience Award 2021

The Festival also includes non competitive sections, which are also open to male directors, these include:
- Focus: on 2021 there will be 3 focus, one is “Donne in codice”, about the increasing presence of women in IT and artificial intelligence, the second is focused on the new web series language “Nuovo cinema seriale televisivo”, the last “Donne e ambiente”, will show the women's point of view about the world's environmental problems;

- “Le donne sanno anche ridere. E di gusto…”: a new section dedicated on humor themes, moreover, there will be a retrospective tribute to Monica Vitti, one of the major Italian comic actress, who in November will blow out 90 candles;

- “Azzurro pallido. Singolare maschile”: a new section dedicated only to men directors, that deepens, reflects and describes with sensitivity and attention female characters

The competitive sections Nuovi Sguardi and Sguardi (S)confinati are open excusivelly to all female identifying filmmakers, and all the works submitted should be completed after December 31st 2019.

The non competitive sections are also open to male directors.


No payment is necessary to enter the Contest.

All the works must be in Milan preview at least to be admitted to the Contest. So if the work had participated to other Milan festivals, this imply the exclusion from the competition.
It is a mandatory to fill up integrally the Entry Form (
Otherwise, the application will be unvalid.

The Entry Form has a specific section dedicated to the Festivals attendance. Please, remember that the work must be in Milan preview at least. Entry Form incomplete or which do not respect the above norms will be deemed void and excluded from the Contest.
Entering into the Festival implies full acceptance of the above Regulations.

Contest deadline: Entry Forms and works must be sent by June 15th 2021.

The works must be sent to the following email address:, using services such as Google Drive or via Vimeo link with the corresponding password and download authorization.

The works sent for the pre-selection will not be returned, but will become part of the Archive of the SAFF (see the point 8 of the following Regulation).


Film selection will be handled by the Selection Committee. Selected films will be included in the category deemed the most appropriate by the Committee. The Festival's Official Program will be approved finally by the Artistic Direction.

The Selection Committee will inform participants of their decision by July 31st 2021 and will be announced by mail and on the Festival website (

The Festival's Organization will NOT refund any fees for selected works in both International competitive sections. The shipping fee of physical support (DVD, USB or Hard Disk) must be pay by participants, unless otherwise deal with the Festival's organization.


For each film selected, please provide to the following email address,

- Short Synopsis (150 max);
- Synopsis (700-1000 max);
- Press-kit;
- Director's Picture in HD;
- 2 stills in HD of the work;
- Dialog List in English or Frenc in .srt format;
- Poster in pdf and/or jpg;
- Screening format;
- Trailer;
- Socials

The material sent for the selection will not be returned, but will become part of the Archive of the SAFF (see the point 8 of the following Regulation).

For the online streaming it will be necessary to fill up and sign an online release form in which the participant allows the Festival to the transmission and publication and/or dissemination in any form of audio, video and photographic material of the selectioned work only on the streaming online platform associated to the Festival. Besides, the participant agrees to the publication of only promotional materials on the SAFF's socials (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube). It can be choose between an Italian geoblocked location or an International geolocation.

a) Accepted formats include: DCP, 35mm, Blu-ray, Digibeta, file Mp4/mov.
DCP: the Festival utilizes the server NC 1200C. Accept files include: EXT2, EXT3 and NTSF. The Hard disk has to be properly packaged in order to avoid damage. In case of encrypted DCP, the KDM has to be valid from the moment the film is sent to the Festival until the day after the completion of the Festival (October 31st)
File mov h264: the Festival accepts files mov h264 (audio AAC-AC3-mpeg audio; maximum bitrate 15000 b/s)
File MP4/mov: the Festival accepts for the online screening exclusivelly the mp4/mov with the following conditions

Resolution: 1920x1080 – recommended | also: 1280x720Frame Rate: 23.976 / 24 FPS recommended | also: 25 FPSCodec: H.264 | Wrapper: .mp4 / .movBit Rate: 6/20 Mbps | VBR 2-pass export recommended Subtitles: .srt

b) The file can be send:
by a downloadable link (Services such as Google Drive, WeTransfer o Vimeo) to thefollowing email address:
on physical support (DVD, blu-ray, USB, hard-disk) at the following address, only in case of live version of the Festival
Sguardi Altrove Film Festival
c/o Lattanzio-Abbascia, cortile interno
Via Privata Bassano del Grappa, 32, 20127 Milano (Italy)

The Festival's Organization will NOT refund any shipping fees for selected works. The shipping fee of physical support (DVD, USB or Hard Disk) must be pay by participants, unless otherwise deal with the Festival's organization.

c) All non Italian movies must be subtitled in English. In the case of the screening copy is not similar to the one sent previously, it is require to sent a new copy in file or physical support (DVD, USB or Hard Disk) for the subtitling. The shipping fee are not refund by the Festival's Organization.

d) The Organization is responsible for the films from the moment they arrive in Milan until the day they get sent back. In the case of damage, the Festival will reimburse only the value of the support in which the film is kept.

All films physical support will be returned within 3 weeks of the end of the Festival. If the film needs to be sent to a different festival after its screening at “Sguardi Altrove Film Festival", such festival will be in charge of the shipping fees.


Screening rights and music rights are the responsibility of the author; the participation to “Sguardi Altrove Film Festival” implies that the author of the work grants all cultural and distribution rights to all non-commercial screenings. By submitting to the Festival, the author and/or the right holders grants authorization for such movie to be screened by Sguardi Altrove. In the case of any other use of the work, the author will first be contacted. By accepting these regulations, it is implied of course that the author will maintain the right over their work. Participants give the Festival consent to use stills and extracts (3 minutes max) from the movie submitted for promotional purposes (social media, press, TV, etc).


By registering their work to the competition, Contestants will allow to process their personal data, pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 196 / 2003 and as to per Art. 13 of the European Regulation 2016/679 -GDPR.

The participants authorize the Cultural Association "Sguardi Altrove", founder of the Sguardi Altrove International Women's Film Festival, or the Company chosen by said Association, to publish the images, photos and videos released during the Festival on its website, on catalogues, and/or other supports,and during public and private events, without compromising personal dignity and decorum. The participants also confirm that this Authorization does not infringe any contractual term and/or right of other representative Agencies, relieving the “Sguardi Altrove” Association, or the Company chosen by said Association, from any claim by third parties. The Contestants authorize the use of the image/s and music, which is to be considered as free of charge.

The participants, pursuant to Legislative Decree196/2003 and Article 13 of the 2016/679 European Regulation - GDPR., declares to be fully informed about the purposes and methods of processing personal data and authorize to collect this material in the SAFF Archive.

All personal data and those protected by the privacy Law are and will be processed accordingly to principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency, protecting your rights, for the purposes and with the methods described in the informative report of SGUARDI ALTROVE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S FILM FESTIVAL.

The participants declare to hold the right of use and the exploitation right of the works registered to the Festival in accordanceto the Law No. 633/1941.

The Promoters reserve the right to use all the material received and the works submitted to the Judges, for the purpose to promote the social message related to the Festival. Consequently, they may be screened during promotional events or public events set by the Sguardi Altrove Association, or the Company chosen by said Association.


The works sent for the preselection will not be returned, but will become part of the Archive of the SAFF. The Association, founder of the Festival, or the Company chosen by said Association, reserves the right to use this material only for the non-profit purpose to promote the message related to the Festival. By submitting an Entry, the author and/or the right holders of the work authorize its use for the screenings during the Festival and/or film exhibitions, for the sole purpose of promotingthe event.
In the case of selected films, the participant authorizes Sguardi Altrove to archive the work submitted in its own archive, and/or in the archive of the Milan Film Network – which is made up of all organizations thats host film festivals and/or video competitions in the city of Milan- and grants access to such archives, for viewing in low resolution one time per person with the suitable anti-piracy, to professionals in the cinematographic and audio/visual industry authorized by Sguardi Altrove and/or the MFN. The submitions of the Regulation provides also grants all cultural and distribution rights of the work directly and indirectly, also among sublicensees , in the Territory indicated on the Regulation only for non-commercial use, such as promotion of the work and its author, cultural purpose, Licensees and/or sublicensees istitutional purpose, for training initiatives in educational establishments, etc.).

By signing the Entry Form, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions of the following Regulation.

The Court of Milan shall be the Court competent for the resolution of any controversies.