Serile Filmului Românesc is one of the biggest film festivals In Romania! SFR is organized by ARTIS organization.

Serile Filmului Românesc (in translation Evenings of the Romanian Films)


It started with the main objective to introduce the Romanian public to the Romanian cinematography (and not only), directors, actors, and to bring the public back into the state cinemas, which currently are in a degrading state. Our aim is to do everything in our hands to restore the cinemas and make the public aware of the famous actors and movies which have, have had, an important part in our lives. A first step in this direction was already made in 2017, in November, when we inaugurated the first state cinema after the 1990, in Romania, with the highest technology in the field, DCP, 7.1 surround system, 3D screen.

This festival is organized every year, for a period of 5 days, with a number of 3-6 movies projected/day, in multiple locations (a different movie in every location) and the next edition is organized between 9-13 of August, 2023. Every year, for 5 days, Iassy (the city in Romania where the festival is held), many directors, actors and producers come and meet the public. We project and present the movies and, after that, a Q&A session is held with our guests and the public.

This year (2023) the spotlight will be on productions made and produced by Moldavian filmmakers.

SFR (Serile Filmului Românesc) este un festival inițiat în 2010, la inițiativa Asociației Studenților Jurnaliști din Iași. Din 2018, festivalul SFR este organizat de Asociația ARTIS.

Ediția din 2022, cu numărul 13: Cinci zile, peste 8.000 de spectatori, peste 60 de invitați, 40 de evenimente, opt spații de proiecție

Festivalul are un profil unic și reușește, de-a lungul anilor, să transforme capitala Moldovei într-un pol al cinematografiei românești. În cadrul Secțiunilor festivalului, în fiecare an sunt prezentate filme din diferite perioade ale cinematografiei românești, precum și filmele noi, filme de debut sau scurtmetraje. Conceptul festivalului implică difuzarea producțiilor românești, cu invitarea actorilor, regizorilor, a scenariștilor și a criticilor de film în cadrul proiecției. Dialogul și întâlnirea cu publicul înseamnă o deschidere a cinematografiei.

SFR is judged by film specialists from Romania : filmmakers, journalists, photographers and writers.

Best Romanian Short Film Trophy


The films should be produced between 1st of January 2021 to 30th of January 2023.

If the film is in other language then Romanian you should have Romanian subtitles attached, no work in progress accepted. We accept all genres and topics.

Submitting your movie, you authorize Serile Filmului Românesc (SFR) to use, distribute and share the film poster, trailer, teaser, synopsis and movie stills in our website and / or social media.

The selected films will be promoted on our social networks. All selected films will receive the Official Selection laurels by email. All winning films will receive the winner's laurels for the category and a certificate by email. All winners will be announced during awards gala, when they will receive the trophy.


- The SFR selection committee and the jury's decision are final;
- SFR does not provide feedback on the films entered or on the jury's decision.


- The status of submissions will be disclosed through our submitting platforms and it is the submitter’s full responsibility to track the status of their submission;


- By submitting a film, the participant declares and warrants that he or she has all the rights of use necessary to use the film under this agreement and that when using the film in the context of this agreement, no third party rights, including the persons portrayed in the film, will be violated. You agree to indemnify and hold SFR liable for and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages and expenses (including, but not limited to, attorney fees and court fees) that may be incurred by reason for any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening and loss or damage to videos submitted for the festival.

- SFR Is not responsible for any copyright infringement or unauthorized use;

-SFR reserves the right to make any changes in the festival configuration without prior notice, if necessary.
- Entry fee is non refundable.
The winning film and also the best nominated films based on jury scoring will be screened within the festival.

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    Un festival extraordinar! Vă Mulțumim!

    December 2023